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Infograph » 5 Best Moments From WrestleMania 29 [Official Report]
It’s hard to believe, but The Show -- of Shows has once again come and gone, as an epic and historic night has now turned quietly to dawn. For many in the -- WWE Universe, the past seven days have been somewhat of a blur, as the New York/New Jersey area was transformed into one giant theater to play host to The Grandest Stage of Them All.

Full WrestleMania 29 coverage.

One day later, though, and the WWE Universe is still buzzing not only from the momentous events of last night, but also from the anticipation of everything that lies ahead, spinning out of The Show of Shows.

But before we officially turn the corner on that road departing WrestleMania, presents its five favorite moments from WrestleMania 29.


The greatest upset in WrestleMania history

At WrestleMania 29, a dancer made his debut on The Grandest Stage of Them All and waltzed out victorious, dropping a true legend of the squared circle and leaving the WWE Universe and Chris Jericho stunned.

Fandango’s in-ring debut and victory over six-time World Champion Y2J is, simply put, the biggest upset in the storied history of WrestleMania.

Making one’s Show of Shows debut is one thing a momentous occasion for any Superstar  but to have your first-ever match at WrestleMania is something else entirely. To win that match? Almost unthinkable.

And yet that’s exactly what happened Sunday night, when the flashy, dancing Fandango finally got into the ring and displayed an impressive repertoire to leave Jericho staring up at the recreated New York City skyline.

Diddy rocks WrestleMania

Part of what makes WrestleMania unlike any other spectacle in entertainment is the diversity of the show. From all-out brawls between the world's finest athletes to appearances by world-class celebrities, there’s simply nothing like The Showcase of the Immortals.

Throw in a showstopping performance by Sean “Diddy” Combs, and you have a bona fide pop culture mega-event.

Dedicating his set to the victims of Hurricane Sandy, Diddy launched into a high-octane medley of his songs “Victory,” “Mo Money Mo Problems,” “It’s All About the Benjamins” and “Coming Home.” The crowd was on its feet from the moment the mogul came up through the floor of the ramp, and was still buzzing long after the bass of his beats had reverberated through MetLife Stadium.

HBK tunes up the band

There were many lessons to be learned from Sunday night’s epic show, not the least of which is the following: We all need a little help from our friends.

Triple H, as it turned out, is no exception, as his best friend, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels, had the best seat in the house for The Game’s No Holds Barred brawl against The Anomaly, Brock Lesnar.

Like being on the 50-yard line of a Super Bowl battle, the hits delivered during the brutal encounter between The Anomaly and The Cerebral Assassin could be heard 10 rows back. Perhaps the most resounding sound, however, came when HBK’s right foot connected squarely with the jowl of Lesnar’s mouthpiece and professional instigator, Paul Heyman. In this case, the sound of Heyman’s silence was deafening, as the WWE Universe inside MetLife Stadium erupted as the mind behind ECW came crashing down to the mat.

CM Punk goes “Old School”

Everyone knows the story that led up to the confrontation between WWE’s legendary Deadman and CM Punk at The Showcase of the Immortals on Sunday night. The build-up truly was the stuff of legend, as the devious deeds of The Straight Edge Assailant knew no bounds, and a sacred artifact was stolen away in the night. But Punk’s thievery didn’t end with the urn in his quest to snap The Undertaker’s mythical WrestleMania Streak. 

The tattooed villain and The Phenom exchanged blows and countered moves and kept the New Jersey crowd on edge for the duration of the battle. But as Punk ascended to the top ropes with The Deadman’s arm locked and ready to the deliver “Old School” to the move’s originator, the crowd rose with him. They remained standing until the bell sounded again and stayed on their feet when a familiar gong echoed throughout the stadium, signaling the exit of a living legend with the greatest streak in the history of sports-entertainment still intact.

The MetLife Stadium crowd reacts to Rock vs. Cena

Few matches in WWE history have elicited such a response from a crowd as The Rock vs. John Cena at WrestleMania 29.

From the moment Cena entered MetLife Stadium to square off against WWE Champion The Rock in the historic main event, the Cenation leader was met by a wall of sound. Emphatic boos from one corner of the stadium bounced off equally ardent cheers from another every move Cena made creating a whirlwind of emotion.

In the match’s final flurry of counterstrikes and near-falls, the visceral reaction from WWE fans of all ages differed, literally, person to person. When Cena kicked out of a thundering Rock Bottom, a father put his hands on his head and screamed, “No!” while next to him, his son wearing Cena’s colors leaped to his feet and flashed his hero’s trademark “You can’t see me” hand gesture to his still-reeling dad.

That moment was repeated countless times, between thousands of fathers and sons, brothers and sisters, and mothers and daughters; a true microcosm of the feeling stirred up by a timeless bout. On this night, Cena and The Rock arguably shared one of WrestleMania’s grandest one-on-one main events with a third participant: the WWE Universe.


Hello, My Name Ankit Singh. I love WwE very Much. My fav. John Cena & The Rock.
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Infograph » Rock vs. Cena: Analyzing Their Signature Maneuvers [Official Report]
In less than two weeks’ time, The Rock and John Cena will collide for the second time in as many years, meeting in an epic WrestleMania rematch that will put Cena’s bid for redemption against the enduring legacy of The People’s Champion. Add The Great One’s WWE Title to the mix, and this gem has an air of destiny about it.

As the WWE Universe knows from last year’s WrestleMania, a bout as big as this can often come down to a single missed opportunity. In their recent Q-and-A session on Raw, Rock and Cena alluded to their previous contest and how each man had either taken or given “everything they had.” But what, exactly, is everything they have? Before the two iconic Superstars clash again at The Show of Shows, dusts off our Academy of Wrestling Arts & Sciences white coats for a comprehensive analysis of both champion’s and challenger’s in-ring calling-cards.


Rock Bottom

Technical name: Fall-forward lifting side slam

Strengths: Unlike many signature maneuvers, the Rock Bottom doesn’t take a lot of effort or planning to set up. Often, it comes down to catching one’s opponent at the right time. The People’s Champion has sprung the maneuver out of nowhere on countless occasions in the past, including WrestleMania XXVIII, and its relatively simple execution only adds to the maneuver’s deadly unpredictability. A simple burst of strength lifts The Rock’s opponent off his feet, a sweep of the leg initiates the plunge, and the combination of gravity and Rocky’s raw power handles the rest.

Weaknesses: With a simple setup comes a simple escape, and a devastating one at that. Any Superstar with quick reflexes and the ability to keep his wits about him has only to deck The People’s Champion with a swift elbow to the side of the head once Rock moves into position to execute the Rock Bottom. The effects of the blow could daze The Great One enough to mount an offensive sequence against him, robbing The Rock of his momentum. Part of the move’s weakness also lies in the man himself. The Brahma Bull has rarely been one to put an opponent away without taking an extra second to soak in the moment, and a prospective recipient of the Rock Bottom might find himself with an extra minute to escape should The Rock pause for a bit of gloating.

Attitude Adjustment

Technical name: Standing fireman’s carry takeover

Strengths: Thanks to the nigh-unmatched power of the 10-time WWE Champion, a deceptively simple maneuver has become one of the most feared, debilitating attacks in all of WWE. Once John Cena jettisons his victims from the fireman’s carry position, it’s no 10-story drop from his shoulders to the mat, but the Cenation leader punctuates the attack by hoisting his foes higher into the air instead of just dumping them off his shoulders, amateur-wrestling style. The added boost increases velocity and, because Cena keeps his opponents’ necks hooked until the very last minute, sends the Superstar down to the mat with a bent back, making the impact all the more formidable. Even The Rock would admit: The maneuver packs quite a punch.

Weaknesses: For all its simplicity, the Attitude Adjustment is a difficult move to escape. If a Superstar is to evade Cena’s signature slam, it must be done quickly and fluidly, sliding off Cena’s shoulders before he has time to lock in the fireman’s carry hold. This also leaves Cena open to attack from the rear, so a Superstar must also have his follow-up attack ready to go if he’s lucky enough to avoid the AA. If you possess the athleticism of, say, Dolph Ziggler, writhing free of the maneuver mid-fall is not out of the question either. Barring that, however, it’s best to follow the advice of old-school flight attendants should you find your attitude about to be adjusted: Put your head between your knees and kiss your you-know-what goodbye.

The People's Elbow

Technical name: Running elbow drop (with theatrics)

Strengths: There’s no way around it: This is just a fun maneuver to watch. Its strengths, though, are more symbolic than anything else. Oft imitated but never equaled, the combination of The Great One’s enthusiasm and the raucous reaction of the WWE Universe somehow transform the maneuver into a personal moment between The People and their Champion; a love letter of sorts to the WWE Universe. The vicious impact of the elbow itself a straight shot to the sternum similarly delivers decimation on an intimate, if no less effective, scale. It’s a simple move writ large, and one that comes with a healthy dose of humiliation for anyone unlucky enough to receive it. As for the juke-jive routine The Rock does before dropping the elbow? Well, what’s the point in pinning someone if you don’t get to have a little fun with it?

Weaknesses: As John Cena was made woefully aware at WrestleMania XXVIII, the People’s Elbow takes a long, long time to execute (Photos: Cena falls short). An average-clocked People’s Elbow consumes close to 10 seconds, including the time it takes to run the ropes. But in a bout where every moment is of the essence, that’s plenty of time for a Superstar to mount a last-minute burst of resistance. Cena learned this to his detriment when he hubristically attempted to put The Rock away with a People’s Elbow of his own at last year’s Show of Shows, only to be cut down by The Great One mid-attempt.

STF (Step-over Toe Foothold)

Technical name: Step-over toehold sleeper

Strengths: The Cenation leader bears down on his opponents in this smothering submission maneuver, placing his full body weight atop his foes while wrenching their knee to the side with his own legs. As John Cena works the joints below the waist, he strikes simultaneously above by wrapping his tree-trunk-like arms around an opponent’s neck and squeezing until they cry uncle. The move frankly works in part to Cena’s astounding strength and formidable mass, but the double-faceted nature of the attack both legs and lungs are compromised all but ensures certain victory.

Weaknesses: There aren’t many. A Superstar has to either be very lucky or very, very strong to escape this all-encompassing submission hold. Sometimes it’s a matter of mat awareness and position. If the hold is locked in near the ropes, it’s not unheard of for a Superstar to break it by grasping the cables. Other times, though, Superstars must haul themselves over to the ropes to accomplish the same goal. Of course, managing that with only one free leg and the 251-pound John Cena on your back isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it’s not without precedent. Given that Cena always initiates the hold by grabbing onto an opponent’s ankle, a quick-thinking foe can evade defeat by rolling onto his back and kicking Cena in the face, but again: Like all the maneuvers in these Superstars’ arsenals, you have to anticipate it before it happens, which is no easy task. Whether that’s a skill that The Rock possesses will be revealed in a matter of days.

Hello, My Name Ankit Singh. I love WwE very Much. My fav. John Cena & The Rock.
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Infograph » What A Maneuver! But Who Did It Better? [Official Report]
Each WWE Superstar has a set of mastered maneuvers that they employ inside the squared circle. From CM Punk’s Go to Sleep to John Cena’s Attitude Adjustment, some of these moves are distinctive to a particular competitor. But there have been Superstars throughout wrestling history who utilized the same maneuvers, sometimes with different names. The execution may be exactly the same, or a Superstar will add their own unique variation.
WWE Classics looks at 10 of these signature maneuvers used by two different Superstars. It’s up to you to comment on Facebook to decide who did it best.

Source- WWE.COM

RKO vs. Diamond Cutter

Former WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page has said that he encouraged Randy Orton to use a variation of the Diamond Cutter as The Viper’s finishing maneuver. DDP’s three-quarter face lock bulldog was the trademark tactic that allowed him to reach success in WCW and WWE. DDP could strike at any moment and few Superstars could escape the impact.

Comparisons between the Diamond Cutter and the RKO have been made over the years, but Randy Orton has made his signature tactic one of the most feared maneuver’s in WWE history. WWE’s Apex Predator takes the concept of the Diamond Cutter and adds an extra level of impact, jumping into mid-air and slamming his opponent to the mat. The Viper has taken opponents down in mid-air and off the top rope.

Like the Diamond Cutter, the RKO can strike in the blink of an eye with extreme prejudice, but Orton brings a faster velocity and higher impact to stop his opponents.

Boston Crab vs. Walls of Jericho

The Boston Crab is often considered to be a maneuver to weaken an opponent, rather than one that ends a contest. However, two Superstars have executed the move with such perfection that the devastating submission hold ultimately became their signature moves. Rick Martel and Chris Jericho are masters of the Boston Crab. They each know how to apply the right amount of pressure on their opponent’s lower backs and pull their legs with the correct amount of leverage to maximize effectiveness.

The Walls of Jericho, however, utilizes a specific variation of the submission hold. When the hold is applied, Jericho stands further back, elevating his opponent higher into the air, creating an added layer of pressure to the recipient’s back. In WCW and ECW, Jericho used another variation of the maneuver popularly known as "The Liontamer." He occasionally uses this version today, where he holds his opponent up even higher and pushes his knee into the back or the head. Between Martel and Jericho, the innovation and creativity the Ayatollah of Rock n’ Rolla has brought to the submission hold makes him the true master.

Razor’s Edge vs. High Cross

The crucifix powerbomb is a maneuver that requires strength, balance and speed executed with pinpoint precision for maximum impact. Razor Ramon and Sheamus are two of the only Superstars in WWE history to truly master the proper execution of this crushing move.

Razor Ramon made The Razor’s Edge his trademark move in the early 1990s and continued to use it successfully in WCW, redubbed as The Outsider’s Edge. Ramon’s resilience often allowed him to wear down his opponent long enough to allow a little extra arrogance before executing the move.

Although Sheamus employs the High Cross, his Brogue Kick has become the most explosive maneuver in his arsenal. The Celtic Warrior’s execution of the move uses all of the elements required to make it successful, but Razor Ramon’s added style and use of it as his only finishing move gives him an edge.

Winner: Razor’s Edge

Camel Clutch vs. Steiner Recliner

The Camel Clutch is one of the most commonly applied submission maneuvers in sports-entertainment. Revolutionized by Gory Guerrero, the hold is designed to apply pressure to an opponent’s neck, back and head in an effort to make them submit or weaken them. There are a handful of Superstars who have performed the move properly and with enough power that they utilize the hold as their finishing move.

The Iron Sheik became a feared competitor because he executed the Camel Clutch with great ferocity. Tying in his military background with his Olympic experience as a Greco-Roman wrestler, the Iranian-born WWE Hall of Famer often threatened to break rival’s backs with frightening conviction.

When Scott Steiner adopted the moniker “Big Poppa Pump,” he embraced his transformation into a pure powerhouse. “The Big Bad Booty Daddy” used his impressive physique and strength to decimate his opponents and employed a variation of the Camel Clutch. Opponents were pulled higher in The Steiner Recliner, resulting in more tension on the back than The Camel Clutch. Big Poppa Pump had the right combination of power and technical skills to inflict pain on his opponents and ensure their defeat.

Winner: Steiner Recliner

Frog Splash vs. Five Star Frog Slash

Rob Van Dam and WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero achieved success outside of WWE in ECW and WCW before reaching the pinnacle of sports-entertainment and becoming WWE Champions. On their way to achieving greatness, both competitors utilized the high-flying maneuver known as the Frog Splash.

Although RVD and Guerrero both performed the finishing maneuver, the execution of each respective Frog Splash differed. Guerrero hammered opponents with pinpoint accuracy, carefully plotting his point of impact. RVD’s Five Star Frog Splash added velocity to the mix and he still rarely missed his mark.

ECW’s former play-by-play commentator Joey Styles witnessed both Superstars perform the move several times and did not hesitate when explaining which Superstar had the better variation.

“Quite frankly, RVD has the greatest frog splash in sports-entertainment history, that’s why I named it the Five Star Frog Splash,” Styles told WWE Classics. “No one could get higher than him, and if his opponent wasn’t lined up correctly, he could make the adjustment in mid-air.”

Winner: Five Star Frog Slash

Ankle Lock vs. Angle Lock

When MMA fighter Ken Shamrock made his way to WWE in the late 1990s, he brought his own brand of intensity and style of competition to the squared circle. Shamrock also introduced the WWE Universe to his finishing move, The Ankle Lock.

A few years later, Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle made his WWE debut and adopted the hold, calling it the "Angle Lock." Angle added his own variation to Shamrock’s innovative maneuver, wrapping his own leg around his opponent’s and dropping to the mat. The Olympic Superstar’s addition to the move prevents other competitors from rolling out of the submission or crawling to the ropes.

Although Shamrock innovated the move, Angle’s variation of the ankle lock gives him a clear advantage, one that any Superstars continuing to use the maneuver should study.

Winner: Angle Lock

Million Dollar Dream vs. Cobra Clutch

WWE Hall of Famers Sgt. Slaughter and "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase are bonafide legends inside the squared circle. Both competitors achieved great success in WWE and both used the same finishing hold to build their accolades. Sarge’s Cobra Clutch and DiBiase' Million Dollar Dream served as both a submission and a variation of the sleeper hold.

From a technical standpoint, both WWE Hall of Famers executed the move perfectly and anyone caught in the hold was surely going to end up on the losing end of a contest. It’s tough to definitively state who performed the move better, but the maneuver has become synonymous with Sgt. Slaughter.

In the 1980s, Sgt. Slaughter issued The Cobra Clutch Challenge, daring anyone brazen enough to try and break the hold. Pat Patterson, Rick McGraw and Barry Windham all failed to break the former Marine’s trademark submission hold.

Winner: Cobra Clutch


Goldberg and WWE Hall of Famer Edge are two of the most popular Superstars of all time. Both ring warriors utilized two different styles of competition but shared a common link, the Spear.

Each respective competitor’s execution of the move was fast and powerful. Goldberg used it to knock the wind out of his opponents as he prepared for his finishing move, the Jackhammer. Edge, however, actually used the Spear as one of his finishing maneuvers. 

Still, Goldberg’s spear cut down 173 consecutive opponents, big and small. That doesn’t even include the numerous times he fended off The nWo or would-be interferers from ending his streak with the powerful tackle. Since Goldberg first used the move, Superstars including Batista and Bobby Lashley have followed the former WCW Champion’s lead in using the devastating takedown, making him the true master of the attack.

Winner: Spear

The Book End vs. The Rock Bottom

The Rock and Booker T are icons of sports-entertainment and have faced off in the ring numerous times. In 2001, the two Superstars battled for the WCW Championship and more personally over their similar finishing maneuvers, The Rock Bottom and The Book End.

At first glance, the maneuvers are nearly identical. Both are set up and performed in the same manner, but the main difference comes with the impact. When executing The Rock Bottom, The Great One extenuates the impact by slamming his opponent to the mat at full force. Booker T’s Book End is executed differently because Booker T drops to his knees as he drives the opponent to the mat. Both moves have been used to secure victory, but the force and the speed of The Rock Bottom make it the more devastating of the two. Just ask Hulk Hogan, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and John Cena, who have all been taken down by the move.

Winner: Rock Bottom

The Scorpion Death Lock vs. The Sharpshooter

The most controversial debate on this list revolves around the devastating Sasori-gatame. A heated debate was unleashed at between those who favor The Scorpion Death Lock and editors who favor The Sharpshooter. Some argued that argued WCW’s face-painted franchise, Sting, applied the hold properly and with a bit more style – holding his hand in the air and calling for fans to cheer in support. Others asserted that WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hit Man” Hart made the move popular and is the most identified with the hold.

The two legends battled in 1998 and 1999, because of this very argument. The matches both have questionable endings and there was never definitive certainty over who applied the submission better. After lengthy arguments, point and counterpoints and running in circles, decided this argument is best left to the WWE Universe.


Hello, My Name Ankit Singh. I love WwE very Much. My fav. John Cena & The Rock.
On, I distributed difference Type of News, Images Like WwE Superstars visits/awards/Movies e.t.c.
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