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Here is an update on TNA’s ongoing legal dispute against Scott Steiner. The lawsuit TNA filed against Scott Steiner was scheduled to go to trial next week on February 22. However, the trial date was reportedly canceled today (Feb. 19).
This is the fourth time the jury trial date was scheduled and ultimately did not take place. The lawsuit has been delayed on numerous occasions. The legal dispute stems from when TNA sued Steiner in June 2012 for an alleged breach in his contract by speaking disparaging remarks against TNA, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff, and Bruce Prichard. TNA wanted damages and an injunction to stop Steiner from continuing to speak out.
Steiner claimed that he never agreed to not disparage the company, and speaking out was not in any sort of breach of his deal with the company, which at that point had expired. In addition, Steiner claimed that his TNA deal expired, and he was offered a new one that he ultimately turned down.
It’s unknown why the latest trial date was cancelled, or if a possible settlement deal was reached.

- Former TNA wrestler Samuel Shaw recently took some time to participate in an exclusive in-depth interview with Shaw talks about training under Curtis Hughes and the WWA4 Wrestling School, WWE NXT, his release for TNA Impact Wrestling and future plans. Check out some highlights below:
Training under Curtis Hughes & WWA4 Wrestling School: Curtis Hughes was an excellent in ring trainer, who taught me the fundamentals. He taught me all the moves, how to bump, how to run the ropes correctly, just the repetition each and every day and doing all that and coinciding with getting into ring shape, I thought he was an excellent trainer as far as that was concerned. As far as the character and reasons why we do certain things in the ring, I think that there was some things left to be desired. I really didn't know why I was doing certain moves, why I was selling at certain points and why this was at a certain point in a match. Why was I doing certain things? But as far as fundamentals, he was tremendous and one of the things he really taught me was to just to feel it out in the ring. For instance, my first professional match was against him and he basically got dressed in a separate locker room and he told me he'd see me out in the ring. Basically, I just listened to him during the match and it was one of the most fun things I ever did. I was very nervous but just listening to him it gave me that confidence.
WWE NXT: NXT is just doing great things right now and a place that I would be highly interested in trying out there. I think that I would thrive in that environment.
His TNA release & future: Well, I'm busting my a** man. Really, I'm doing a lot of interviews. I've got a lot of Indies lined up. I've got some other opportunities lined up that I can talk about later. At this time it's just keeping that mindset that I've always had to keep striving for bigger and better things. It's the first time I've been released by a wrestling company and I was always taught it's going to happen and it's up to you as to what you are going to do. Are you going to take it as a negative or a positive? Gunner and I both got released at the same time and you have that initial oh that's a slap in the face or an initial anger but I'm taking it as a positive. I feel relief. Artistically, my mind is just going crazy with ideas and I'm excited about the future and opportunities that are going to present themselves if I continue to bust my a**. It's going to be very interesting the rest of the year.
Shaw also discuses working with Christy Hemme and their storyline together, Ring of Honor, what he believes the benefits of either TNA's Gut Check Challenge or WWE's Tough Enough are and more.

We start off with a look back at last week when Ethan Carter III defeated Matt Hardy to win the World Title Series and regain the TNA World Title, as well as hype for tonight’s Kurt Angle-Drew Galloway main event. Speaking of Kurt Angle, we see clips of Kurt Angle arriving at the arena and posing for pictures with fans before going to the opening video package.

EC3 is in the locker room looking proud of himself, and Tyurs comes in to tell his boss it’s time. EC3 says that’s damn right and walks out, and Tyrus looks displeased as he follows him out. Pope and Josh are still at ringside and run down tonight’s card, then we go to the ring as the new champion prepares to address his devoted followers. He says this isn’t a moment for celebration, but vindication because he is still unpinned, unsubmitted, unbeatable, and the two-time, undefeated TNA World Champion. The one man who never doubted him is Tyrus, and EC3 says that the fans see business, but it’s personal because they’d been through a lot together, and he can never thank Tyrus enough. He knows Tyrus has a shot at the title, and he’ll be happy to give him that title shot, but Tyrus leaving ringside last week was the best thing for him because he could beat Hardy on his own. Tyrus starts to say he never doubted Ethan, but EC3 yanks the mic out of his hand and goes back to putting himself over until Jeff Hardy interrupts. He’s in his regular ring gear, and I’m guessing we’re going to set up his annual injury angle to explain why he’s not on the UK tour. EC3 welcomes the man who cost EC3 the World Title to begin with, and asks him what he wants. Hardy says he still can’t stand the sound of Ethan’s voice, but Jeff is here to give him something he deserves. He used to think Ethan was a spoiled brat who needs help from everyone, but he didn’t need any help last week, he won fair and square, and he deserves to be the World Champion. Ethan can’t believe what he heard, and Jeff said he deserves it, but for everything Ethan put he and Matt through, tonight is about the Charismatic Enigma, and tonight is about him. He has something to share with Ethan, and pulls out a piece of paper that EC3 looks over before sternly looking at Jeff and folding the paper back up. EC3 says it’s a doctor’s note saying he’s cleared to wrestle, and Jeff says he’s here to go big or go home, and challenges EC3 to a title match. EC3 says he’s wanted a match with Jeff Hardy for all the marbles for a long time, but his request for a title match is denied. The fans turn on that, so EC3 says to hear him out, because Jeff can’t expect to come off the disabled list and walk right into a title shot. If Jeff wants a title shot, he needs to start at the bottom, so EC3 calls out to Bob Ryder to send out some young, hungry wrestler to take on Jeff Hardy right now. Someone in a mask and cape comes out, and EC3 calls for some entrance music for him, and sings lyrics for him along to the beat. He introduces himself as the Master of Motion, Shin-Ron, and tonight, he’s going to fly all over his boy, Jeff Hardy. EC3 eggs him on to say he’s going to beat and destroy Jeff Hardy, and EC3 says that dog has bite, yo! EC3 takes Tyrus and leaves, and a referee comes out to call our opening match. Jeff Hardy vs The Master Of Motion, Shin-Ron EC3 joins the comentary team as Shin-Ron does flippy stuff before playing to the crowd. He does some gymnastics stuff, but Jeff baseball slides him to the floor, then tries to dump him back in but Shin-Ron swings through the ropes and dropkicks Jeff in the face. Shin-Ron with some kind of springboard twisting senton, but Jeff gets the knees up, backdrops Shin-Ron to the apron, then avoids another flippy move. Jeff hits an overhead powerbomb, the Twist of Fate, and that’s all she wrote. Winner: Jeff Hardy The Master of Motion isn’t moving very much right now. EC3 says it’s a long road to the top, and gives Jeff a hand as he celebrates. Jeremy Borash is backstage interviewing Awesome Kong and the Dollhouse, but Marti Bell cuts him off and says the Knockouts Division needed a shakeup, and they showed they are stronger than ever, and they have Kong to thank for that. Kong asks if everyone hates her, then says good, because these girls, this house, it’s his house, and she does what she wants with who she wants. She going to hurt Gail because she’s got something she wants, and…The Beautiful People come in to tell Kong not to worry about Gail, they should worry about the Beautiful People instead. Velvet wants to kick Kong’s ass, and Madison says they don’t need to attack anyone from behind, they can do it right now. Velvet and Madison attack, and get hammered 4-on-2 as we go to commercial. We’re back, and Jade and Velvet are going at it on the ramp as Kong beats up Madison inside the ring. Guess we’re underway… Streetfight: Velvet Sky & Madison Rayne vs Awesome Kong & Jade Jade whips Velvet into the ring steps as Kong chokes Madison on the ropes inside the ring. Jade is tossing the usual array of hardcore stuff like kendo sticks and trash cans into the ring, so I guess this is no DQ. Jade wedges a chair in the corner and then slams a trash can lid into Madison’s back as Kong has her up in a choke. Madison avoids a Lionsault from Jade and a corner avalanche from Kong, and Velvet goes to work on Kong with the chair before laying Jade out with clotheslines. Velvet bulldogs Jade on the chair and then the BPs take Rebel and Marti out with kendo sticks when they try to get involved. They then turns the sticks on Kong, and Madison connects with a missile dropkick for 2. Madison flattens Madison with a cradle piledriver for the win. Winners: Awesome Kong & Jade Kurt Angle is backstage, and he’s…TALKING TO DIXIE CARTER! He’ll face Drew Galloway tonight! We’re back, and Beer Money is headed to the ring where a couple of tables are set up with a load of beers. The crowd is going nuts for them, and Storm says he’s been drinking all damn day. Storm said that he had to make a hard decision on January 5th, and he decided to make a living for his family, and that meant the reunion of the greatest team in the history of wrestling, Beer Money. The crowd chants “welcome back” at them, and Roode says he’s been boozing a bit as well, not as much as Storm too, and he gets emotional when he drinks. He says what tore them apart was what brought them together in the first place: the desire to be the best. They’re cut from the same cloth, and it took Roode years later, when he won his second World Title the right way, he realized what he did to Storm and the fans was wrong, and he wants to say he’s sorry. The crowd chants to hug it out, so they do. Storm says he’s sorry too for kicking him all those times in his face, and he hands Roode a beer. Roode says he’s sorry he smashed a beer bottle over Storm’s head, so Storm pours a beer in a cup and hands it to him. Storm says he’s sorry for leaving Roode with all those bar tabs, and Roode says he’s sorry he puked in Storm’s cowboy hat and blamed it on his dog. Storm asks if he’s really sorry, and then says they’re good so he can make a toast to one of the greatest, if not the greatest tag team partner he’s ever had. Roode has proved that he is the best and the It Factor of professional wrestling, and Roode wants to make a toast to Storm for starting more barfights than anyone, and also for always having his back. Roode also wants to toast the fans all over the world, and Storm wants everyone to raise their drinking hands. Storm and Roode realize something’s not right, and Roode says a beer bash needs to gt loud and rowdy, so they lead the fans in BEER…MONEY! Eric Young’s music hits, and crazy Eric comes out with Bram to tell Roode he makes him sick for toasting to the fans and each other like they’re going to get married. Young hurt Storm in the World Title Series, and quitting was the smartest thing he ever did. He made a mistake by coming back and getting into Young’s business, and Roode knows what happens when he sticks his nose in Young’s business. Young doesn’t need or have friends, and he doesn’t even like Bram, but he likes the way he operates and thinks, and what Young does know is that they hate Beer Money’s guts. Storm says he done hurt their feelings, but Young says this has nothing to do with Storm because he’ll never forget what Roode did to him and that he would ruin Roode for the rest of his life. Roode has something that Young wants: he wants the King of the Mountain Title and wants it now. Roode tells Eric to shut his mouth, and if Young wants to jump him from behind and whine like a little bitch, then Roode wants to kick his ass like a little bitch in a title match right here and now. Young likes that idea, and it’ll be on after this commercial break! King Of The Mountain Title Match: Bobby Roode vs Eric Young We join the match in progress, and they jockey back and forth until Roode gets the advantage with a series of armdrags. Roode goes to the apron and snaps Young’s arm down on the top rope as Storm and Bram get into a confrontation at ringside. Young hits a neckbreaker for 2, then a running version for another 2 count. Young just barrels Roode into the ropes and hits a high angle back suplex. Roode comes back with a couple of clotheslines and a high backdrop, then rams a series of knees into the midsection of Young before popping him over with a Steiner suplex. Roode waits for Young to get to his feet, Young gets out of the Roode Bomb and hits a belly to belly suplex for 2. Young goes for the piledriver, but Roode picks his legs and gets the Sharpshooter. Young gets out and Roode converts to a crossface, then a crucifix for 2. Roode hits a spinebuster for 2, goes for a superplex, but Young bites Roode’s face to knock his momentum. Roode is back up and hits the Roode Bomb, but Bram pulls the referee out of the ring before he can complete the 3 count. Storm spits his beer in Bram’s face and dumps him into the ring where he and Roode double suplex Bram. They do BEER…MONEY! Well, they try because Young knocks Storm out, kicks Roode low, and hits a piledriver to steal the title. Winner and New King Of The Mountain Champion: Eric Young Well, I bet that didn’t turn out the way Roode expected. Young has scored a LOT of wins over Roode, by the way. Ken Anderson is backstage with a microphone that he says has brought him great success and a lot of trouble, but tonight, it’s going to help him debut his new talk show. Tonight’s guest is Matt Hardy, and they’re going to talk about how Hardy choked in the biggest match of his career. Mike Bennett and Maria Kanellis find EC3 and congratulate him on regaining the title. Bennett makes his in-ring debut next week, but congratulates him again. EC3 says he heard what Bennett said last week and tries to walk away, but Bennett says he’s just trying to be nice. EC3 says he’s the champ and doesn’t have time for this, and they need to stay out of each other’s way. Bennett says that’s fine because the title looks good on EC3…for now. We see a video package looking at the history of Matt Hardy and EC3, then we go the ring for Ken Anderson’s new interview segment, HUH?!?! Yes, that’s its name. Anderson says a lot of people have accused him of being an asshole, and asks if there are any other assholes in the building tonight. He says his guests tonight aren’t assholes, they’re a very nice family: Matt Hardy, his wife Reby, and their baby son. Anderson lets Reby and the boy sit on his couch, but makes Matt sit on a folding chair because he spares no expense. Anderson asks Matt how he’s doing, then says they’ve known each other for a long time, done some stuff they shouldn’t talk about in front of the fans or Matt’s family, then says they should cut to the chase. Matt was the World Champion, then he lost it, then he had a chance to regain it, and Anderson doesn’t know how else to say it other than he choked. Matt asked if he choked when he won the title at Bound For Glory, he was the only guy who didn’t lose through the entire tournament, and he thought he had EC3 beat last week. But EC3 didn’t beat him, Eric Young gave him a piledriver on the concrete. Anderson doesn’t buy that, and says it just sounds like an excuse for him. Matt doesn’t make excuses, he holds himself accountable for everything he does, and asks if Anderson’s trying to get him to apologize for letting his fans down or something. Matt says you only fail when you quit trying, but he’ll never quit until he’s the World Champion. Jeff came out tonight to lay it down, and asks if Jeff was doing his dirty work for him. Matt says if Anderson wants to get him to share his heart, he admits he loves his wife and son more than anything, but tonight, he’ll make EC3 an offer he can’t refuse. He needs one more match to fulfill his destiny and regain the title because he has EC3′s number. Anderson again seems dubious, and makes sure he’s not quitting or getting Jeff to do his dirty work, and Matt says he’s Matt freakin’ Hardy, and he won’t ever quit because Matt Hardy WILL NOT DIE. Anderson says that’s the Matt he likes, but the Hardys get up and leave, and Anderson says this is awkward, but insists that they were totally into the conversation. Reby gives Anderson her trademark dirty look before heading to the back, and that’s it for Anderson’s debut talk show. We see another Kurt Angle video package as he arrives at the building and gets ready for tonight’s match, then Christy Hemme is in the crowd with Drew Galloway to ask him how he feels about his match with Kurt tonight. Drew says when he was 15, he had his first wrestling lesson, and he hoped he would one day get to wrestle Kurt Angle, and he’s doing that tonight in the main event. He guarantees each of the fans that they’ll see a spectacle tonight. Drew is at his peak, Angle’s been at his peak his entire life, and Angle has to win to prove to himself that he’s the greatest, and if he wants to prove to himself that he’s the best, Drew also has to 100% win tonight. Eric Young and Bram are backstage agreeing that nobody’s crazy enough to stop them and that they can do anything they want, and there’s nothing Beer Moeny can do about it. Tigre Uno & The Wolves vs DJ Z, Eli Drake & Jessie Godderz DJ Z and Tigre Uno start us off, and they do flippy dippy. The championship team tags in and out on DJ Z, then Jessie tags in and gets beat up as well. Jessie finally drills Eddie with a dropkick, then press slams him as Eli blind tags himself in. The heel team works Eddie over for a bit, then Eddie hot tags to Davey, who cleans house on Jessie and catches him in a trailer hitch, then anklelocks DJ Z when he tries to help. Eli finally breaks that up, but Tigre Uno clears him out, Jessie gets the Adonis Crab on Eddie, but DJ Z superkicks his own partner and then the Wolves hit Jessie with Chasing The Dragon for the win. Winners: Tigre Uno & The Wolves The cameras are still following Kurt as he gets ready backstage. Jeff Hardy finds Matt backstage and tells him that he’s still at the top level and can do this with EC3, and Matt says he knows everyone believes in him, and that’s why he is going to give EC3 an offer he can’t refuse. Reby comes in and tells Matt she needs to talk to him, and drags him away as Jeff looks after them puzzled. EC3 comes out to the ring again and says if Matt has an offer, let’s hear it. Matt comes out and says he came from nothing in this business, and everything he has, he earned through his blood, sweat, and tears. EC3 got in because his last name is Carter, but they’ll forever be linked as career-long rivals. Matt says he uses the word fate a lot, and offers EC3 the ability to control his fate. EC3 says he got hit with the Twist of Fate, but he kicked out and tells Matt to continue. Matt will put his career on the line for one last shot at the TNA World Title, and if he can’t beat him, he’ll leave Impact Wrestling forever. If he can’t beat EC3, then it’s time for him to go home. EC3 says Matt really wants this match, and he was really close last week, but he doesn’t respect Matt, his legend, his family name, or anything about him because he’s beaten him time and time again, and Matt CAN NOT BEAT HIM. EC3 says if they do this, they do it on his terms, and it’s the last time they dance. Matt says let’s do this, so EC3 considers for a minute before saying he doesn’t want to pin Matt, make him submit, knock him off a ladder, he wants to stand over Matt as he lays there beaten, defeated, and with his legacy thrown away. EC3 says next week, for the TNA World Title, a Last Man Standing match. He asks if they have a deal and extends his hand to Matt, and Matt shakes and says it’s a deal. It’s main event time! Drew Galloway vs Kurt Angle Drew immediately establishes his power advantage, plowing over Kurt with a shoulderblock. He then displays his speed going behind Kurt with a waistlock and then taking the former champ down with another shoulderblock. Kurt suddenly pops Drew over (see what I did there?) with a big backdrop, but Drew nearly tears his head off with a hard clothesline. Kurt tosses Drew with an overhead release suplex for 2, then locks the big man down with a chinlock. Drew unloads with big right hands, then they wipe each other out with a double clothesline as we go to commercial. We’re back, and Drew is still hammering Angle with hard shots and a charging forearm in the corner. Drew comes off the top with a clothesline, then sets up for the Claymore. Angle dodges and hits the rolling German suplexes and then hits the Hacker Slam for 2. The straps come down and Angle gets the ankle lock, and Drew is caught right in the middle of the ring. He rolls forward and sends Angle careening into the corner, but Angle quickly catches a backslide for 2. Drew quickly hits the Future Shock DDT, but Angle kicks out at 2. Drew goes for a running powerslam, Angle slips out and goes for the anklelock, but Drew reverses to the Border City Stretch, and again has Angle right in the middle of the ring. Angle tries to get to the ropes, Drew drags him back to the middle, but breaks just long enough for Angle to catch the anklelock again. Drew rolls through again, and htis time sends Angle tumbling to the floor. Drew charges Angle and gets caught in an overhead release suplex, but Drew more sort of crashes headfirst into the guardrail. Angle quickly capitalizes by dumping Drew back into the ring and making a cover, but Drew kicks out at 2. Drew hits a jawbreaker and, despite a bad wheel, hits the Claymore and JUST barely misses getting a three count. Drew sets to hit it again, and he connects, but Kurt kicks out again. Drew puts Angle on the top rope, but Angle knocks Drew down and hangs him in the Tree of Woe. Drew actually sits up and suplexes Angle in an impressive spot for a guy his size, and now they go toe to toe in the middle of the ring. Drew plows over Angle with another big clothesline, smacks his leg to bring it back to life, and charges…and misses. Angle hits another Hacker Slam, but Drew is out at 2 again. Angle picks Drew up, but Drew knocks Angle into next week with a headbutt, heads back to the top rope, Angle runs over and hammers Drew with right hands, climbs up after him, and hits a super Hacker Slam for the win. Winner: Kurt Angle

IMPACT Wrestling On Pop Premiere
1/5/16 from Bethlehem, PA
Report via Greg Beck &

We are live with IMPACT Wrestling’s official debut on Pop TV.

New graphics, new opening song (by Billy Corgan). Josh Mathews and The Pope kick off the show.

Dixie Carter is in the ring. She thanks the fans and Pop TV. She says that she picked this network as TNA’s new home because Pop is about fandom. She talks about TNA entering it’s 15th year. She says TNA is committed to making 2016 the most exciting year for TNA. She says that wrestling has always been a vital part of pop culture and nothing is more vital to wrestling than the World Heavyweight Championship. Ethan Carter (with Tyrus) interrupts.

EC3 said that he wants to have a good ole fashioned “airing of grievances.” He says that grievance number 1 is that Dixie was upset when he beat Angle for the title. He said that Dixie was upset because he defended the title successfully each and every week. Grievance number 3 is that she loves him but he doesn’t have the title because of her. He said it is not over until he wins the title tonight. He promised to become 2-time champion tonight. Dixie tells him to take a long, hard look in the mirror so he could see what he has become. She says that Matt Hardy won the championship but EC3 used lawyers and attorneys to get his way and most people feel that Matt was robbed. She asked how it makes him feel. Fans chanted for “Hardy.” Matt Hardy’s music plays and he comes out. Matt declared that he will be the World Heavyweight Champion because it’s his destiny Eric Young attacks Hardy. EC3 and Tyrus joined in. Lashley ran into the ring and cleaned house. Lashley locked Tyrus in a choke but Eric Young attacked. Lashley turned things around, though. Hardy got back up and tossed EC3 out of the ring. Hardy and Young brawled at ringside and then back into the ring while EC3 and Tyrus attacked Lashley.

Commercial break.

EC3 vs. Lashley (semi-final match)

They are off to a good start. This is a good back and forth match. There was a little interference from Tyrus but most of the action took place in the ring. EC3 won the match with a roll up after Tyrus jumped on the apron to distract Lashley. EC3 advances.

Kurt Angle is shown backstage. He says that he has something to say in the ring.

Commercial break.

They aired a teaser for “The Miracle.”

They show Bobby Roode arriving earlier today. Roode says that tonight he will back it up tonight and his open challenge is laid out to anyone from any promotion because tonight they will find out that it pays to be Roode.

Kurt Angle in-ring segment

Kurt Angle comes out to the ring in a suit. Angle says he’s been very blessed. He talks about his Olympic gold medals and his 13 world titles. He says he couldn’t have done it without the fans. Angle starts to get emotional as fans chant his name. Angle said that he has made it public that he will be stepping down. He names Rock, Austin, Undertaker, Triple H, Undertaker, Hogan, AJ Styles, Lashley, Roode, Eric Young, EC3 as great names that he has faced. He said that it is important to have high caliber matches for his farewell tour. Angle says that there is so much talent backstage…guys like Eddie Edwards and Davey Richards. Angle says that he wants to wrestle Drew Galloway for his farewell tour. Galloway comes out and says that he is honored by the things Kurt said and he is honored to face Kurt Angle in the main event next week. Jessie Godderz interrupts. Jessie says that you are looking at “the man…the future of professional wrestling.” Jessie says that the fans want instant access to superstars like him. He talked about starring on CBS’ Big Brother for 7 years. Jessie says that HE (not Kurt) is the veteran on this network and on social media. Eli Drake interrupted. Drake says that the 3 dummies have bored the audience. He mocks Jessie for being cool with 13-year old girls. Drake says that “Anglesaurus” talks about the future of wrestling but failed to mention Eli Drake. Drake is really good on the mic. Good to see him featured in this segment. Drake says that anyone with 2 brain cells can look at Drew Galloway for the waste of space that he is. Drake tells Galloway to stand up and take a walk. Angle says Galloway does things with action but Drake is all talk. Angle says he’s got a few minutes and Drew probably has a few minutes. Angle dares Drake and Godderz to do something about it. A brawl breaks out between the four men in the ring.

The babyfaces get the better of the heels.

Jeremy Borash is backstage and he is trying to get an update on Matt Hardy’s condition. Jeff comes out of the dressing room and says that his brother will be champion by the end of the night.

Commercial break.

They plugged the live One Night Only pay-per-view that airs this Friday night.

Matt Hardy vs. Eric Young (semi-final)

Eric Young is already in the ring as they come back from commercial. Young tells the referee to count Matt Hardy out but Hardy’s music comes out and he limps to the ring. The match is on. Late in the match there was a spot with Young hitting Matt with a piledriver on the floor. Jeff came down to check on his brother but Young nailed him with a baseball slide kick from inside of the ring. Young had things in control and went for a dive from the top rope but Matt caught him in a diamond cutter. Matt Hardy gets the pin. He advances to the finals and will face EC3.

Commercial break.

Eric Young is angry backstage. He says everyone is against him. Meanwhile, in another section of the backstage area we see EC3 and Tyrus walking up to Jeff Hardy. They talk trash. Jeff says that his brother will win and EC3 won’t have anyone to blame after tonight.

King Of The Moutain Championship – Bobby Roode vs. Bram

Bram comes out and says that this is his year. Bram wants to accept the open challenge. Decent match. Roode wins. Young attacks Roode. Young tried to hit a piledriver but Roode reverses and takes out Young but Bram hits Roode with a low blow. James Storm comes into the ring and he clears house. Josh Mathews says that he thought Storm wasn’t part of Impact Wrestling anymore. Storm said that he left Impact several months ago because he didn’t like who he was portraying. Storm said that he’s a beer drinking, Johnny-Cash listening beer drinker from Tennessee. He said that he wasn’t having fun anymore. Storm said that he was sitting at home and came across Impact Wrestling and saw that he got the “biggest disappointment” award. Storm said that he put everything he had into this company for 13 years. He said that guys like him made this damn company. Storm looked at Roode and said that they drank a lot of beer together. He said that they made a lot of money together. Storm says it’s time to get back to having fun. Storm cracks open a couple of beer bottles and gives one to Roode. Storm: “Beer?” Roode hesitates. Storm grabs it and says, “Money.” The old Beer Money theme plays. So it looks like Beer Money is back. Jeremy Borash interviews The Beautiful People. Angelina says she’s not wrestling since she is pregnant but she will be in the corner of Velvet and Madison tonight. Velvet says they are not weak pathetic copies like The Dollhouse. They will be picking a partner to fill in for Angelina.

Commercial break.

Beer Money is backstage. They reveal that they will face EY and Bram on Friday at the One Night Only PPV.

The Beautiful People vs. The Dollhouse

Rebel is the new leader of the Dollhouse. She replaces Taryn Terrell. Gail Kim is filling in for Angelina Love. Decent match. Gail got the win but The Dollhouse attacked after the match. Awesome Kong’s music plays and she comes out to the ring. The Dollhouse looks scared as Kong enters the ring but Kong attacks Madison and Velvet. Fans boo. Velvet took a bump before Kong made contact. Kong hits the implant buster on Gail Kim. Kong poses in the ring with The Dollhouse.

Commercial break.

Apparently they handed out paddles since there are people holding paddles with the Pop logo on it.

The Miracle debuts

Maria Kanellis comes out first as the lights dim down. She cuts a good promo. She says we are hoping and praying that someone will save professional wrestling. She says we want a miracle because she does and his name is Mike Bennett. Bennett then appears on the stage. He’s wearing a suit and he and Maria walk to the ring. Bennett said that he is the baddest mofo on the show and he is your pro wrestling Jesus. Bennett referred to himself as “your new hero.” He said that pro wrestling needs a miracle because wrestling used to be fun and exciting and it was mainstream when he was a kid. He said wrestling is filled with washed up people that call themselves pro wrestlers. He said that later on tonight Matt Hardy will battle for the TNA world title against EC3 but that is not the moment that will save pro wrestling. He said that the miracle will be when he has the TNA world title and he raises it over his head as fans chant “go Bennett go.” Fans booed him. Matt is shown backstage with his wife and baby. Matt talks about his match tonight. He says he will fulfill his destiny and will become champion.

Commercial break.

ackstage, Drew Galloway thanks Kurt Angle for the opportunity. He says that he is not taking it lightly. Angle said he will not go down without a fight. He told Drew that he is the future. The Wolves walk up. They suggest a dream match. Drake and Godderz then walk up and they make a challenge. Godderz/Drake vs. The Wolves vs. Galloway/Angle this Friday night at the ONO PPV.

Matt Hardy vs. EC3 (TNA World Championship Final)

Jeff Hardy and Tyrus are at ringside. Pop has given them an overrun so this show will go past 11pm eastern. Jeff suggested that he and Tyrus leave the ringside area and he agreed so this should be a one on one match without interference. Before the match started, they played a teaser for Pop TV’s “Schitt’s Creek.”

The Schitt’s Creek promo ran for several minutes. The match starts and Josh tells us that there will be no more commercial breaks so the title match will go on interrupted. Good back and forth match. It looked like Hardy had the match one after hitting a twist of fate but EC3 landed on his stomach so Matt couldn’t get the pin. EC3 hits the 1 percenter and goes for the pin but Matt kicks out. EC3 yells at Matt to stay down but Matt suprises him with a twist of fate. 1-2.. kick out by EC3. Matt sets up EC3 on the turnbuckle. Matt goes for a twist of fate but EC3 blocks it and hits the 1 percenter off the top rope. EC3 is the new TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

That’s the end of the show.

  • Three historic TNA Wrestling events to take place from India December 2-4
  • TNA One Night Only: Mumbai will air LIVE in India and broadcast around the world on December 4
  • TNA partners with Dalip Singh for a talent search to find an Indian wrestling star to join Mahabali Shera 
Sony SIX (a part of Multi Screen Media Network), India’s premiere sports entertainment channel, and TNA Wrestling, the international professional wrestling entertainment organization, have teamed up for India’s first ever LIVE televised wrestling event.
Mr. Prasana Krishnan, Business Head, Sony SIX & Sony KIX, and John Gaburick, Executive Vice President of Television and Talent Relations for TNA, today announced three historic LIVE TNA Wrestling events scheduled to take place in Mumbai December 2-4, a pioneering move that brings an internationally broadcast sporting event to India featuring the Stars and Knockouts of IMPACT WRESTLING, TNA’s flagship.
The final show, TNA One Night Only: Mumbai, on Friday Dec. 4, will air LIVE in India and broadcast in the United States and all around the world. Full information, including broadcast details, will be released in the coming weeks.
Also present at the launch were three of TNA’s most recognisable names. India’s own Mahabali Shera, former TNA World Champion Ethan Carter III and Knockout Rebel, who are currently undertaking a seven-day international media tour of four of India’s major cities to promote the upcoming LIVE events.
In addition to this, Sony SIX and TNA announced the launch of their second search for India’s next big wrestling star – to join Mahabali Shera on the TNA roster.
The project will give aspiring wrestlers from India an opportunity to showcase their talents on a global platform. The announcement follows 2014’s grand unveiling of TNA’s first ever Indian wrestler, Mahabali Shera – after a year-long talent search led by TNA Hall of Famer and Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle.
World-renowned wrestling star and Indian hero Dalip Singh will lead the talent search alongside Gaburick. Singh will be a part of the selection process and help mentor the contenders. He has also given his endorsement to December’s LIVE TNA events.
Building on the success of TNA Wrestling on Sony SIX in India, today’s announcement highlights the pair’s partnership to promote professional wrestling in the region. It is a testament to TNA’s growth and the on-going commitment of Sony SIX to cultivate the sport’s viewership in mass markets.
Mahabali Shera, Ethan Carter III and Rebel are currently on an expansive promotional tour, engaging fans through a series of activities. The expansive media and fan engagement tour kicked off in Mumbai today and will head to Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Bangalore. TNA fans in India can look forward to meeting and interacting with their heroes in each city. 
 Prasana Krishnan, Business Head, Sony SIX:
“India is a great country that has an extensive history of wrestling and talent in abundance. Given the national interest for the sporting event, we want to showcase consistent content along with high quality and local programming to connect with our viewers. 
“For the first time in India, fans will be able to experience a live event which is something that they have only seen on our channel. Through our annual efforts in showcasing international wrestling talents in India, we aim to reach out to more than millions of viewers, reaching out to a broader fan base in the country.
“The talent search will further give Indian wrestlers an opportunity to be a part of the incredible international TNA Roster.”
Dixie Carter, President of TNA Wrestling:
“Our phenomenal partners at Sony SIX have been tremendous in recognizing the powerful reach of professional wrestling and we are thrilled TNA programming has contributed to the network’s ranking as the most watched sports channel in all of India. We are also proud of the relationships we are forming with our fans across India and we are honoured to travel our incredible roster to India for three historic global live events emanating from Mahabali Shera’s home.”

– It looks like TNA are looking to tap the previously untouched Indian market to save their sinking ship. There has been a strong rumour that TNA is set to tape television shows in India. India is a huge market with lots of opportunities and this just might save TNA. Dixie Carter the president of TNA wrestling has been heavily promoting the news that there will be a huge announcement made on Monday.
According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, Mahabali Shera is almost sure to join Carter for the announcement of the news on Monday. Shera who is the only Indian wrestler on TNA is currently being given a huge push and tv time. This strengthens the rumours that TNA might be planning an India tour for the first time ever. TNA have already announced a long-term deal with the Indian TV channel Sony Six to broadcast TNA wrestling for the next seven years, even though they only have a one year deal back home. Due to the fact that TNA has a solid fan base in India, it would be the perfect market to capitalise on.
TNA who would incur massive costs of taping abroad, may not continue this in the future if the ratings fail to live up to the expectations. It is a big risk which could be taken by TNA Wrestling, which can be a make or break type of deal. A show called ‘Ring ka King’ which was a project started by Jeff Jarrett to find talented Indian wrestlers had to wind up even though having a spot on Indian Prime Time TV. Due to the immense competition from award shows and cricket, the show was a big disappointment and the ratings soon faltered.

Seems like a case of TNA following in the wake of WWE who has seen India as a massive, “long-term opportunity” according to their Strategy and Financial officer George Barrios. WWE who saw their revenues being tripled from 2009 to 2014 were immensely successful in India. If TNA could follow the suit then it might be a huge boost to the company. Due to a large population and a massive fan base, it could work wonders for TNA.
Destination America were not happy with the TNA taping shows in the UK. This might be a bad sign for TNA as their destiny completely rests in the hands of Destination America. It has also been rumoured that TNA’s ties will be over with the station after this year in spite of Dixie Carter suggesting otherwise, that they are in talks with the network for 2016.

It's been rumored that TNA will tape their next Impact Wrestling episodes on an upcoming tour of India. It appears that tour is now confirmed as indie promoter David Herro announced on Facebook that Mr. Anderson and TNA World Heavyweight Champion Ethan Carter III have been pulled from his Blizzard Brawl 11 event on December 5th because they will be in India with TNA.
The Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted that at least some TNA talents were told for the first time about the tour just last week and given the dates of November 29th through December 5th to keep free.
These tapings should carry TNA through most of December and January, when the UK tour takes place. TNA will likely piece together episodes of Impact with previously taped matches that haven't aired yet to carry them up until the India tapings.


TNA talent have been told over the weekend they will no longer be paid on a monthly basis and their current contracts will be dropped.
TNA previously paid talents a guaranteed monthly fee and then paid them per appearance. In some cases, TNA will now pay talents a little more per appearance than they were already making. The more dates TNA book could mean talent potentially earn even more money than they already do.
A large proportion of the roster will switch to the new contracts with the likes of Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy potentially remaining on some kind of guaranteed deal.
Some Talent were reportedly unhappy with this move and there may be more departures coming.

This week’s edition of TNA Impact Wrestling, which was the live debut of the show on Destination America, finished with a 0.46 cable rating and took in 263,000 viewers.

Impact Wrestling was the most watched show on Destination America this week beating Killing Bigfoot, which averaged 250,000 viewers. However, Impact saw a 74% drop from its final first-run episode which aired on Spike TV on November 19, 2014. That show took in 980,000 viewers.

The replay of this week’s Impact, which also aired on Wednesday night, took in 105,000 viewers, so the total Impact viewership number on Wednesday night was 368,000.

News — TNA iMPACT New Logo Revealed! Edge & Christian Added To RAW?, Slammy 2014 Theme Song
Impact will reset with a complete rebrand next year on Destination America. A new logo would be a part of the rebrand and this is that.

Dixie Tweeted it as well:

I want to share with you first the new @IMPACTWRESTLING logo! Now share with your friends. LOTS more to come today!

-- WWE announced today that Edge and Christian will be appearing on the final RAW of 2014.
That event takes place on December 29th at the Verizon Center in Washington, DC. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar, John Cena, Randy Orton and others are also advertised.

-- WWE Slammy Awards 2014 Official Theme Song "Light Weight" By CFO$ Now Available On Internet.

Complete TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results from 9/19 *SPOILERS*
TNA had the last of their Impact Wrestling television taping events tonight in Bethlehem, PA. The following matches and segments were taped and will air over at least two episodes, with the Full Metal Mayhem match possibly airing on an earlier date.

(1) Full Metal Mayhem The Wolves def. The Hardys & Team 3D to retain the TNA World Tag Team Championships. Lots of crazy spots, and pretty much everyone needed help getting to the back. -Samoa Joe comes out and says he has to vacate the X-Division championship because of an injury, and he isn’t cleared to compete.
 (2) Brodus Clay def. Eric Young. Ethan Carter III and Rockstar Spud were out for their partners, respectively. After the match, Bobby Lashley comes out of nowhere and takes out EY, but Austin Aries is out to make the save.

(3) Gunner def. Sam Shaw in a No DQ match. Brittany tried to help Shaw, but ended up accidentally taking him out.

(4) Austin Aries def. Bobby Lashley via DQ. They fought to the outside and Lashley ended up getting DQ’d after spearing him on the outside.

(5) Taryn Terrell def. Havok (c) and Gail Kim to become the new TNA Knockouts Champion. **This is likely the end of the first TV taping** -James Storm, Manik and Sanada are out to start, and call out The Wolves. Storm wants to know Davey Richards’ answer, and again asks him to join their team. He declines and there’s a brawl, but Abyss comes down and joins the heel team. Storm decides it’s finally time to cash in his “Feast or Fired” briefcase (that’s a thing that still exists, apparently), so we’re getting a title match.

(6) James Storm & Abyss def. The Wolves (c) to become the new TNA World Tag Team Champions.

(7) Chris Melendez def. Kenny King via DQ. MVP attacked Chris, and Mr. Anderson returned to make the save. -Bobby Roode comes out and talks about winning the world title and Bobby Lashley trying to hurt EY and Austin Aries. Roode says if Lashley wants a fight, he’s got one, and gives him a title shot. The two Bobbys end up brawling all around.

(8) 4-Way Match Low Ki def. Tigre Uno, Manik and DJ Zema to become the new X-Division Champion. -Kurt Angle is show backstage, but is attacked by MVP.

(9) Hardcore Match Bram def. Tommy Dreamer. Magnus got involved but Al Snow evened the odds. At one point, there was an old U.S. title spinner belt in the crowd, and Dreamer took it and blasted Bram. -Kurt Angle and MVP come out to the ring for promos, and it ends with the MLK heel trio attacking. Anderson makes the save, but it doesn’t do any good. Roode made the save, and they even the odds. It all ends with Roode clearing the ring and standing tall with the world title.

Top TNA Star Possibly Injured at Tonight’s Impact Wrestling Taping *SPOILER*
A Wrestlezone reader live in Bethlehem, PA has sent in a photo from tonight’s Impact Wrestling taping. During a Full Metal Mayhem match between The Wolves, The Hardys and Team 3D, Bully Ray came off a ladder in a big spot with Jeff Hardy. Medics came to ringside along with Tommy Dreamer and other officials, and helped Bully to the back while the match continued. 

 The person who sent in this report noted that Bully Ray looked like he was legitimately hurt. However, there’s also the possibility that the spot was planned out this way, and TNA will be writing the new Hall of Famer off television. 

He is currently working with the company on a per-appearance basis to finish up the current “Best Of” series for the Tag Team Championships, and to appear at Bound for Glory in Japan next month. We will provide updates to this situation if/when they become available. - Wrestlezone

Result TNA iMPACT - July 18, 2013 (Destination-X Special) From Louisville, Kentucky (New TNA World Champ, Trent Barretta Debuts!)
Impact Wrestling’s Destination X show starts out showing X-Division starts from the past, present and the future. They are line-up as one of them will be the new X-Division Champion. The camera shows Chris Sabin backstage as he is getting ready for his match tonight. A video starts showing Chris as a little child. He said people thought he would never be a professional wrestler. He overcame the odds. He is now going for the TNA World Champion after turning in the X-Division Title. He fights Bully Ray. Main Event Mafia is behind him, so he can do it? Chris says he only needs one shot to beat Bully.

Result » TNA iMPACT - July 11, 2013 From Las Vegas, Nevada (Rampage Jackson Joins Main Event Mafia & More)
TNA Impact opened with a video package recapping recent events.

Backstage, a camera caught up with TNA World Hvt. champion Bully Ray. Ray referenced Brooke -- Hogan getting engaged something maybe 10 percent of the audience knows about and said Brooke is still married. He sternly said -- into the camera that their marriage is over when he says it's over.

In-ring: Aces & Eights came out for a promo. First, Bully Ray ran down Chris Sabin and told the "little man" not to cash in his X Title for a TNA Title shot if he knows what's best for him. Next, Ray shot down Main Event Mafia's challenge for a fight next week.

Result » TNA iMPACT - July 4, 2013 From Las Vegas, Nevada (New X-Division Champ, Main Event Mafia & More)
Recapping Bully freaking about who the newest member of MEM is, and then Angle and Sting revealing it’s Joe. Then Suicide won the -- X Division Championship, but it wasn’t Perkins. Turned out to be Aries, and he is going after Bully’s -- WHC.

In Ring Segment

Aries to the ring.
Aries – Some people love me. Some people, they love to boo me. Everybody now has to respect me. I came out last week and do what I do -- outsmart people, create controversy, cause a buzz. Last year I created Option C. Last year I cashed in the X Division Title, and won the WHC. After my clever plan where I captured this, you bet your ass I’m cashing in for a shot at Bully at Destination X, and will be the WHC again. Hogan, bring your ass our here brother so I can hand this over and make it official.

News » TNA iMPACT - March 7, 2013 Official Preview (Final Show From Impact Zone, Orlando, Florida
Below is the official preview for this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, the final from the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida:

Preview Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING broadcast on SpikeTV at 8/7c! If you can’t watch the action on Thursday, make sure to set your DVR! 
- It’s the countdown to the Lockdown event! Thursday’s IMPACT is the final battleground before the war in the cage on Sunday – what will happen on Thursday that could potentially alter Lockdown? Tune in and find out! 
- Who did Kurt Angle see after he infiltrated the Aces and Eights clubhouse and unmasked the gang’s VP? The Aces attacked Angle before he could show the world – but will Angle reveal his identity on Thursday? What is Angle’s condition after the brawl? Don’t miss it! 
- With the Lethal Lockdown teams set, there will be a Best-Of-Three Series between Team TNA and Aces and 8s on Thursday’s IMPACT! Whoever wins determines who has man advantage going into Lethal Lockdown! 
- What will be the fate of the Gut Check contestants? This past week, female newcomers Lei’d Tapa and Ivelisse Velez battled for a chance be the next TNA Knockout! Who will the judges pick to join the roster?
All this and much more on Thursday’s IMPACT WRESTLING on SpikeTV at 8/7c!

Download TNA Impact Wrestling Official HQ Logo PNG Render For Free:
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