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Kevin Nash is appearing at two upcoming Global Force Wrestling events later this month.
The following GFW press release was issued:
Harrisburg, PA
Global Force Wrestling is headed to Metro Bank Park in Harrisburg, PA on August 28.
Former WWE and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash will be making a special appearance!
The card
Dirty Money v Pat Buck
Kevin Matthews v Pepper Parks
Kimber Lee v Cherry Bomb
Brian Myers (formerly Curt Hawkins) v Chris Mordetzky (formerly Chris Masters)
BLK Jeez v Sonjay Dutt
The Bullet Club v Seiya Sanada and Ali Akbar
Meet and Greet before the show (starts at 5:30pm)
Kevin Nash
$40 VIP tickets include meet and greet.
Richmond, VA
Global Force Wrestling is headed to Richmond, VA at The Diamond Ballpark on Saturday, August 29th.
Former WWE and WCW World Heavyweight Champion Kevin Nash will be making a special appearance!
The card
Dirty Money v Pat Buck
Kevin Matthews v Pepper Parks
Kimber Lee v Cherry Bomb
Brian Myers (formerly Curt Hawkins) v Chris Mordetzky (formerly Chris Masters)
BLK Jeez v Sonjay Dutt
The Bullet Club v Seiya Sanada and Ali Akbar
Meet and Greet before the show (starts at 5:30pm)
Kevin Nash
$40 VIP tickets include meet and greet.

Result - Global Force Wrestling "Amped" - First TV Taping From Las Vegas, Nevada (Bollywood Boys Debuts!!)
(1) P.J. Black (formerly Justin Gabriel in WWE) beat Sanada in a Nex*Gen Tournament match.

Bobby Roode cut a promo, vowing to take the Global Title to TNA because Jeff Jarrett took the King of the Mountain Title away from him and TNA. Magnus came out to defend GFW, but he was attacked from behind by Kongo Kong. Roode applied the Crossface before leaving.

(2) Phoenix Star & Zokre & Misterioso, Jr. beat Bestia 666 & Blood Eagle & Steve Pain in a six-man Lucha match. Fun match and the crowd was hot for it.

(3) KUSHIDA beat Virgil Flynn III, replacing Chris Sabin. Virgil is small at 5'7" and 157 lbs., but the crowd pulled for him a lot and wanted the upset. It was not to be.

Out came Harvey Maxwell, who was greeted by a "Who are you?" chant. He started singing "America the Beautiful" poorly when the Akbars interrupted. They said they are number one and will win the Tag Title tournament. Then out came the Bollywood Boys to a nice reaction. That led to...

(4) Bollywood Boys beat The Akbars in a GFW Tag Tournament match.

Karen Jarrett came out next. Karen said that she is going to make sure the ladies are not overlooked in GFW. She said a ladies match will be the main event tonight. Then Lei'D Tapa came out with her husband manager. She said that Karen isn't fulfilling her promises to her and is all about Mickie James. This led to Karen booking the advertised three-way match next.

(5) Christina Von Eerie beat Mickie James and Lei'D Tapa in a three-way Women's Tournament match. Tapa was much bigger than other two, so they tried to double-team Tapa. In the end, Von Eerie got the win over Tapa. Eerie is billed from Reno, so she was the crowd favorite with lots of "oy!" chants.


(6) Jigsaw beat Sonjay Dutt in a Nex*Gen Tournament match. Jigsaw won a good back and forth match. In fact all of the Next*Gen matches and the luchadors six-man tag were great high-flying, back-and-forth matches that the crowd loved.

Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen came out next to cut a heel promo. Sonnen said he's the man and we all suck. Phil Baroni, who has been training with Future Stars of Wrestling, was in the crowd and the audience chanted his name. Sonnen said if they fought again, he would win. Sonnen then brought out Virgil Flynn. He said Flynn impressed Jeff Jarrett and is now in the Nex*Gen tournament. This brought out P.J. Black, who told him, "Great showing tonight," then shook his hand and proceeded to superkick him. Black left.

(7) Chris Masters (Chris Mordetzy) beat Brian Myers (Curt Hawkins) in a Global Title tournament match. Masters won with the Masterlock. During match it looked like Myers took a nasty fall to the outside, but maybe it was not as bad as I thought since he finished the match okay.

(8) Reno Scum beat Los Luchadors. Reno got the "oy!" chants throughout and eventually got the win. Good match.

(9) Bobby Roode beat Kevin Kross via submission in a Global Title tournament match. Roode made Kross tap out to the cross-face.

Jeff Jarrett was out next to thank the Orleans Arena executives for making this the new home for GFW TV. He thanked the athletes in the back, the fans, and everyone for their support. He said that Shelton Benjamin, Killer Elite Squad of Davey Boy Smith, Jr. & Lance Hoyt, and the Bullet Club are coming soon to GFW. Booby Roode was out next. He said he's the man and Jarrett replied by booking Roode against Eric Young in the next match of the tournament. Jarrett left as Roode thought about this new development.

The main event was next with Magnus facing Kongo Kong. Harvey Maxwell wa out first to introduce Kong as his friend and monster in the ring.

(10) "Magnus" Nick Aldis beat Kongo Kong in a Global Title tournament match. The match was fine. Highlights included Aldis giving the 400-lb. Kong a superplex. The finish saw Kong miss a top-rope moonsault, leading to Aldis hitting a chokeslam-like finisher for the win.

GFW Press Release:
Global Force Wrestling Coming to Orleans Arena, 7/24
Global Force Wrestling is heading to Las Vegas for its inaugural event and TV taping called “Amped” on July 24 at the Orleans Arena. “Amped” begins at 8 p.m. and tickets start at $30.
Also read: Global Force Wrestling To Reveal Their Complete Roster This Wednesday In Las Vegas, NV
“Amped will be the show that unites promotions and showcases the very best men and women professional wrestlers on the planet,” said GFW founder and CEO Jeff Jarrett.
GFW is also excited to announce four unique divisions: GFW Global Championship, GFW Tag Team Championship, GFW Women’s Championship and GFW NEX*GEN Championship. These titles will be up for grabs in four separate tournaments that kick off on July 24 at the Orleans Arena.
“NEX*GEN is about the up-and-comers, the fearless new faces in this industry from around the globe,” said Jarrett. “You will be talking about these guys for years to come.”
“We want to unite women’s divisions around the globe and give the fans never-before-seen matchups with the best female wrestlers in the industry,” said Karen Jarrett, GFW co-founder.
The Global Championship tournament will feature former TNA wrestling champion Bobby Roode competing for the first-ever Global Force Wrestling champion title taking on an as-of-yet unannounced partner in the first round. Additional fights on the card include Brian Myers (formerly Curt Hawkins) vs. Chris Mortedzky (formerly Chris Masters), Kongo Kong vs. Nick Aldis (formerly Magnus) for the Global Championship Tournament; Chris Sabin and Kushida vs. Reno SCUM for the Tag Team Championship Tournament; PJ Black (formerly Justin Gabriel) vs. Seiya Sanada and Jigsaw vs. Sonjay Dutt for the NEX*GEN Championship Tournament; Christina Von Eerie vs. Mickie James vs. Lei’D Tapa and Bestia 666, Blood Eagle & Steve Pain vs. Phoenix Star, Zokre & Misterioso Jr. for the Women’s Championship Tournament.
Future Global Force Wrestling “Amped” tapings will take place on Aug. 21 and Oct. 23 at the Orleans Arena.
Showtime for the July 24 event is 8 p.m. Fight card is subject to change. Tickets are available from $30, plus tax and fees, and can be purchased by calling the Orleans Arena Box Office at 702.284.7777, or by visiting Room and show packages are also available.

Result - GFW Live Event - July 9, 2015 From Appleton, Wisconsin
* Colt Cabana defeated Daivari

* Joey Avalon defeated Matt Cage and Jay Bradley in a Triple Threat.

* Eric Young ran down and attacked Avalon. He cut a promo on GFW and Jeff Jarrett, saying he stole the King of the Mountain Title from TNA. Jarrett came out and offered to put Young in a match but he didn't want one so Jarrett tried to get him to leave. Young came back down, laid Jarrett out and took the belt

* Santana Garrett defeated Melanie Cruise

* PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) defeated Sonjay Dutt

* Magnus defeated Tommaso Ciampa

* Daivari interrupted a promo by Hacksaw Jim Duggan but got laid out

* Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson defeated O14K

GFW founder Jeff Jarrett announced that his brands television show will be called "Amped" on Thursday.
Jarrett revealed why he chose the name Amped:
“Why is it ‘Amped?’ I’m amped to not write stories, but document stories. I’m amped to see the action, whether it be Lucha Libre, the strong style from Japan, or the pageantry from the U.S. We have international stars from around the globe. And I’m amped to get this program out,”
Amped tapings are scheduled for July 24, from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

A big angle is reportedly being planned for TNA Impact Wrestling's July 22nd tapings involving Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling. As many would assume, it's expected to be an invasion type of angle.
GFW also has a set of tapings of their own scheduled for July 24th. These tapings will feature tournaments to crown the first-ever GFW World Heavyweight Champion and GFW Women's Champion. The July 22nd TNA tapings and the July 24th GFW tapings are both expected to feature the TNA-GFW invasion storyline.
Former TNA World Heavyweight Champions Bobby Roode and Eric Young will both be used for this storyline at the GFW tapings on July 24th.
It's been heavily rumored for a while now that Jeff Jarrett would have financial backing from country music star Toby Keith. In an update on their situation, it's rumored that Keith has told Jarrett that he will in fact help GFW financially if Jarrett can prove to Keith that GFW can be a thriving promotion.

Tyrus, f.k.a. Brodus Clay in WWE, joined Rob McCarron and Jeff Hawkins on Shake Them Ropes this week to discuss a wide range of topics. During the interview, Tyrus discussed his future and the situation with TNA. Following is some excerpt:

Joining TNA after getting released from WWE:

"When I was let go, I had my mind made up that I was going to TNA already. You don't know if things are going to work or not, but in a short amount of time, when you say TNA, you think EC3. You think Tyrus."

Does he see himself in the ring five years from now:

"Oh no, daddy won't be wrestling in five years."

The cancellation of his Global Force Wrestling appearances last month:

"I was confused as to why I was asked not to do the shows. TNA said I could work wherever I want with the exception of companies with TV. When it was explained to me, I talked with Jeff to let him know, and no one really smartened me up. When he came walking onto TNA, I was like, 'What... the hell?' Immediately one of the reps came up to me and said, 'You can work his shows now.' I told him it was very important that you get away from me right now. I was hot."

Source: /

GFW Press Release:
Jeff and Karen Jarrett celebrate their return to Slammiversary with Global Force Wrestling special promo for first-ever TV tapings in Las Vegas
LAS VEGAS – Global Force Wrestling is celebrating Jeff and Karen Jarrett’s return at last Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view event. To celebrate Jeff and Karen’s return we want to offer a special ticket promotion for Global Force Wrestling’s first TV tapings on July 24 in Las Vegas.
“This event is going to be special and we want to invite fans from around the world to come and celebrate with GFW in Las Vegas,” said GFW co-founder Jeff Jarrett
You can purchase tickets by clicking here and use discount code SLAM13 to get $13 off any general admission ticket. This promo code is valid from Monday, June 29 (starting at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 12pm CT) until Monday, July 6.
The first-ever GFW Las Vegas TV tapings will take place on Friday, July 24. Tickets are available starting at $30 and can be purchased online at, by phone at 702-284-7777 or in-person at Boyd Gaming box offices. VIP tickets will include a Meet & Greet with GFW talent. Join the conversation online with the hashtag #GFWVegas. Visit for more information and follow us on our social media platforms:
About Orleans Arena
The Orleans Arena, a Boyd Gaming facility located just west of the Las Vegas Strip, is one of the nation’s leading multi-purpose sports and entertainment facilities and the 2014 recipient of the Venue Excellence Award from the International Association of Venue Managers. Orleans Arena hosts more than 200 events each year, including nationally touring concerts, NCAA basketball conference tournaments, family shows, motorsports and other unique events. For more information, call 702-365-7469 or visit
About Global Force Wrestling
Global Force Wrestling is a privately owned professional wrestling and entertainment company based in Nashville, Tennessee. Founded in 2014, Global Force Wrestling is changing the wrestling and entertainment industry with an innovative and groundbreaking approach to fan interactivity, storytelling and overall entertainment to engage audiences across television, digital and social media platforms.

GFW Live Event Results From Bowling Green, Kentucky (June 21)* Cliff Compton defeated Chuck Taylor

* Jigsaw defeated Jimmy Rave and Sonjay Dutt

* A local radio guy came out and said he's going to try being a wrestling manager, which brought out Jim Cornette. Cornette went heel and stayed out to be in the corner of Chris Mordetzsky (Chris Masters) as he faced Shelton Benjamin. This was a good match with Shelton ducking a tennis racket shot from Masters to hit a superkick and get the pin

* Thea Trinidad defeated Lei'D Tapa. Tapa beat the referee up after the match

* Doc Gallows defeated Moose in a quick match. After the match, they went to shake hands but "too sweeted" each other instead before Gallows raised both of their hands

* Jeff Jarrett and Karen Jarrett came to the ring to thank everyone

* The Young Bucks defeated PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) and Andrew Everett in the main event. Bucks got the biggest reaction of the night probably. They closed the show by taking photos with fans in the ring with Jeff Jarrett

Result - GFW Live Event - June 20, 2015 From Jackson, Mississippi* Sonjay Dutt defeated Jimmy Rave

* Jigsaw defeated Chuck Taylor

* Karen Jarrett and Jeff Jarrett cut a promo, thanking fans, sponsors and the Mississippi Braves. Karen got fans to chant "thank you Jeff"

* Thea Trinidad defeated Lei'D Tapa, who dropped referees after the match

* PJ Black (Justin Gabriel) and Andrew Everett defeated The Hot Shots

* Doc Gallows defeated Luke Hawx

* Scott Steiner came out for a promo but Chris Masters interrupted, leading to a pull apart

* Shelton Benjamin defeated Chris Masters with Paydirt. Steiner ended up coming out and hitting Masters with a bat. After the match, Benjamin cut a promo and said he was fighting for Steiner's honor.

Result - GFW Live Event - June 13, 2015 From Knoxville, Tenn (2nd Live Show)
(1) Tate Twins (Brandon & Brent Tate) beat Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Barreta).

(2) Sonjay Dutt & Chase Owens beat Jamin Olivencia & Jason Kincaid. Owens and Kincaid, who are top stars for NWA-Smoky Mountain, were added to the match to make it a tag match.

(3) Thea Trinidad (Rosita in TNA) beat Lei'D Tapa.

(4) Moose beat Kongo Kong. Friday night was Kevin Matthews losing to Moose.

(5) Chris Masters (Chris Mordetzky) beat Devin Driscoll. Friday night was Dustin Starr losing to Masters.

(6) Bullet Club (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson w/Amber Gallows) beat New Heavenly Bodies (Dustin & Justin). Former Tennessee Vols college basketball coach Donnie Tyndall started in the NHB heel corner opposite Jim Cornette. But, by the end of the match, Tyndall "turned face" to help Bullet Club win.

Result - GFW (Global Force Wrestling) First Ever Live Show - June 12, 2015 Result From Jackson, Tenn. (Chris Masters, Jeff Jarrett & More)
Global Force refreshingly stuck to the advertised line-up, with Jim Cornette making as special appearance prior to the main event.

(1) Tate Twins (Brandon & Brent Tate) beat Best Friends (Chuck Taylor & Barreta). Opening tag match.

(2) Sonjay Dutt beat Jamin Olivencia. High-flying match.

(3) Thea Trinidad (Rosita in TNA) beat Lei'D Tapa. Women's match.

(4) Moose beat Kevin Matthews (substituting for TNA wrestler Brodus Clay, who was pulled from the show). Powerhouse match.

(5) Chris Masters (Chris Mordetzky) beat Dustin Starr with the Masterlock. Powerhouse match.

(6) Bullet Club (Doc Gallows & Karl Anderson w/Amber Gallows) beat New Heavenly Bodies (Dustin & Justin). Main Event tag match.

News - Scott Hall Joins Jeff Jarrett's Global Force Wrestling (Full Roster List)
Global Force Wrestling has unveiled an expanded roster of wrestling stars and legends who will be on select tours during GFW's first season.

Included is Scott Hall joining the GFW roster. Plus, Japanese star Sanada, who announced this week that he parted ways with TNA. PWTorch has broken down the roster as follows:

- Non-wrestlers/management: Jeff Jarrett, Karen Jarrett, Jim Cornette, Chael Sonnen (GFW TV analyst).

- Legends: Scott Hall, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan.

- Heavyweights: Chris Masters, Moose, George T. Murdoch (Brodus Clay in WWE/Tyrus in TNA), Luke Hawx, Watanabe, Shelton Benjamin, Jamin Olivencia, Cliff Compton.

- High-flyers/X Division: P.J. Black (Justin Gabriel), Sonjay Dutt, Andrew Everett, Trent Baretta, Sanada, Jimmy Rave, Jigsaw, Chuck Taylor.

- Tag Teams: The Young Bucks, Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows, Lance Hoyt & Davey Boy Smith, Jr., New Heavenly Bodies, The Hotshots.

- Women's divison: Lei'D Tapa, Thea Trinidad (Rosita in TNA).


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