The National Enquirer published an article that states that Hulk Hogan has been accused of lying under oath.
Court transcripts reveal Hulk made conflicting statements to both the FBI and to Gawker’s lawyers. Gawker’s attorney Seth Berlin told the judge during a hearing back on July 2nd that he had learned that Hogan made statements under oath during a talk with the FBI and during a deposition that are “directly at odds with another.”
“So we have a situation… where the key participant, the plaintiff, is telling us one thing under oath and telling the FBI something else.
The Enquirer was informed by legal experts that if the accusation is true, Hogan would be guilty of either perjury or obstruction of justice, depending on if he lied to the lawyers or the FBI. Those charges could land The Hulkster in jail. Defense attorney Anthony Brooklier said, “That’s how Martha Stewart got nailed. It wasn’t insider trading that put her in jail. It was the lie she told to the cops.”