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News - WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Notes - New Tag Team Champs, I Quit Match Announced For PAYBACK & More
- Seth Rollins retained the WWE World Title over Randy Orton in a steel cage match. Kane, Jamie Noble, and Joey Mercury became involved in the cage match, which led to Seth escaping through the cage after delivering an RKO to Orton, whose finisher was banned from the match.

- The only title change of the PPV was New Day capturing the WWE Tag Titles from Tyson Kidd & Cesaro. The Tag Title match was switched to the main PPV after being originally slated for the pre-show.

This followed Daniel Bryan's Intercontinental Title defense being pulled from the PPV due to Bryan's injury situation. Bryan's scheduled opponent, Bad News Barrett, lost to Neville in a replacement match switched to the pre-show.

- In other title matches, John Cena retained the U.S. Title against Rusev in a Russian Chain match and Nikki Bella retained the Divas Title against Naomi.

- WWE announced Cena vs. Rusev III in an I Quit match for the Payback PPV in three weeks.

- Also on the PPV, Roman Reigns beat Big Show in a Last Man Standing match, Dolph Ziggler beat Sheamus in a Kiss Me Arse match but Sheamus low-blowed Ziggler after the match to avoid kissing Ziggler's arse, and Dean Ambrose beat Luke Harper in a Chicago Street Fight that lasted the entire first hour. The match was "suspended" when Harper drove them away from the building, but because there were no count-outs, the match resumed later in the hour when Harper drove them back to the building. The official match time was 56:10.

Kickoff Show Results: 
-Adrian Neville defeated Bad News Barrett
WWE Extreme Rule Results:
Video: WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Intro
Welcome to WWE Extreme Rules 2015 live from the AllState Arena in Chicago, Illinois
Chicago Street Fight: Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper
The brawl begins at ringside. Ambrose in control early on as he flies to the outside with a suicide dive taking out Harper. Harper sent into the ring steps. Ambrose with a kendo stick in hand cracking it over Harper's head and Ambrose unloading with kendo shots on Harper. Ambrose plants a chair and takes a seat as Harper looks up at him. Ambrose with a kick. Harper reverses a suplex and plants one of his own on Ambrose through the chair.. Harper's turn with the kendo stick and Ambrose takes a kendo shot to the forehead. Amborse with an elbowdrop from the top rope. Powerbomb countered by Ambrose. Ambrose with a clothesline and another Kendo stick comes into play as Ambrose takes it to Harper all the way to the locker room area
him into the interview set. Suddenly, Harper stumbled inside a vehicle parked at the back of the building. Harper tried to drive away, but Dean hopped inside to beat him up. Suddenly, Harper sped away with Ambrose hanging out of the passenger side.
WWE cut to Cole and Co. reacting to what's going on. Cole wondered if they have a helicopter to follow the action, noting there are no count-outs for this match. JBL joked it could go on for three months like Curtis Axel at the Royal Rumble.
Backstage: Triple H tells Kane to go find Ambrose and Harper since who knows what those crazy guys are capable of on the streets of Chicago. Seth Rollins then walked in for a tense face-to-face with Kane. Hunter told them to stop acting childish and get on the same page for the WWE World Title tonight. Kane and Seth argued, then Hunter tried to calm them down. This same conversation heard for weeks carried on, drawing "boring" chants live in the arena. WWE tried to mute the arena mic as Kane vowed to do what's best for business.
Kiss Me Arse Match: Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler
Cole explained that it's a standard match, with a post-match situation. They quickly moved to the floor, where Ziggler snapped off a DDT on the ringside padding. Ziggler also felt the effects of the move, slowing him down as he returned to the ring. Sheamus caught him with a big knee to the face, almost like the Brogue Kick. "You look stupid" chant from the crowd, so Sheamus angrily smashed Ziggler in the face again. Sheamus followed with big forearm blows to the chest before vowing to make Ziggler kiss his arse.
Sheamus continued the assault, including a sit-down powerbomb for a close two count. Sheamus laughed to himself and continued beating up Ziggler, delivering a knock-down clothesline before talking big trash. Sheamus said little fellas do not belong in his ring as JBL predicted a loss for Ziggler. Sheamus tried to rip off Ziggler's head with a reverse chinlock, but Ziggler responded with big forearm blows. Sheamus refused to go down, then he smashed Ziggler with a clothesline.
Sheamus followed with a Texas Cloverleaf in the middle of the ring. Ziggler gasped for air as he tried to get the bottom rope while one of the announcers made kissing noises. That sounded weird. Ziggler escaped, then rolled up Sheamus for a close two count. Sheamus quickly cut him off, though, and kept Ziggler on the mat. Sheamus teased the Brogue Kick, but Ziggler avoided and rolled up Sheamus, trapped Sheamus's shoulders for three, and the ref made the count.
The winner of the match: Dolph Ziggler
Post Match: Sheamus sold shock as he processed what just happened. Sheamus decided to leave the ring and complain to the timekeeper. Sheamus tried to leave through the crowd, but the ref cut him off. Sheamus then returned to the ring as Ziggler waited and the crowd chanted, "Pucker up." Ziggler started to lower his trunks, drawing shrieks from the female contingent. Sheamus finally accepted his fate and approached Ziggler's rear-end, but he could not do it. This turned into D-Bryan and Kane milking the "Hug it Out" business. Ziggler eventually gave himself a wedgie to give Sheamus easier access to his cheeks. Sheamus paced the ring, then tried to beg for mercy. Another "pucker up" chant from the crowd.
Sheamus approached Ziggler one more time, but low-blowed Ziggler from behind. Sheamus smirked, then dropped Ziggler with a Brogue Kick. In The Authority's world, where things like Naomi jumping Paige leads to her receiving a Divas Title match, Sheamus will probably be rewarded for avoiding the post-match stipulation. The announcers sold disdain, but Sheamus took the mic and said he's never kissing Ziggler's arse, especially not in this town. Sheamus said he vowed to make Ziggler kiss his arse, and he does not want to disappoint. So, Sheamus wedgied himself and rubbed Ziggler's face on his right cheek. Sheamus slapped himself like Rikishi, then shouted, "Kiss me arse!" as he left the ring.
WWE Tag Team Championship: Tyson Kidd & Cesaro vs The New Day
Wristlock on Kingston. Big E in and Cesaro in. Big E with a shoulderblock. Cesaro with a slam and Cesaro unloads on Big E kingston and Kidd back in. headlock by Kingston. Kidd sent to the outside and Big E. tags in. Kingston off the ropes but Kidd stops him with a clothesline sending Kingston to the outside. Big E. Kidd back in as Kingston stomps away. Big E whips Kingston into Kidd. Submission hold on Kidd and the crowd starts chanting for Tyson Kidd. Kingston with a dropkick and Big E back in. Big E. misses with the splash. Big E. sent through the second rope to the outside. Cesaro in snake eyes to Kingston. Cesaro with a series of uppercuts. Clothesline to Kingston. Cesaro with a slingshot. Crossbody caught by Cesaro into a backbreaker. Superplex from Cesaro, Kidd with an elbow. Kingston blocks a sharpshooter attempt. Big E. back in and he launches himself into Kidd sending both himself and kidd to the outside. Kidd rolled back in. Back bodydrop to Cesaro. Kingston off the ropes onto Kidd. Cesaro and Big E over the top rope. Kingston sets up for Trouble In Paradise. Kidd catches him and locks in The Sharpshooter. Big E. back in with an overhead throw. Kingston runs into a pair of boots. Cesaro in with the Giant Swing and Kidd with a dropkick to the head. Xavier Woods with the distraction, Natalya slaps Woods. Disctraction on the outside as Kingston rolls Cesaro up with a handful of tights for the three count
The winners of the match and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: The New Day
Backstage: The New Day are celebratingand say they've had their struggle and doubters but the sun has risen and today is the dawn of their New Day. A car pulls up and Harper stumbles out and Ambrose from the roof of the car takes out New Day and Ambrose and Harper continue brawling. Harper walks back out onto the rampway and Ambrose from behind as the brawl continues. Kick by Harper. Ambrose with a clothesline. Several chairs tossed into the ring and Harper grabs one but Ambrose punches it out of his hand. Harper shoulderblock into the corner. Powerbomb onto the chair by Harper. Harper dumping chairs ontop of Ambrose. Harper to the top rope. Ambrose gets up and slams Harper onto the chairs. Ambrose hooks Harper up and hits the Dirty Deeds for the three count
The winner of the match: Dean Ambrose
Promo for WWE Payback on May 17
Video: John Cena-Rusev feud
Russian Chain Match: John Cena vs Rusev
Tug of war begins between Cena and Rusev. Rusev witha clothesline in the corner and one corner touched by Rusev. Cena with a slam and Cena with three corners hit but Rusev with a headbutt. Rusev throws Cena over the ropes to the floor. Rusev pulling on the chain stringing Cena up and unloading with kicks. Series of headbutts to Cena and the crowd with a "Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks" chant. Suplex by Rusev . Cena using the chain on Rusev. Cena looking for the AA but Rusev counters with a clubbing blow to the back of the neck. Cena sent back to the outside. Cena tugs on the chain sending Rusev shoulderfirst into the ring post. Rusev hits the ring post again head first and Cena trying to make it to the third corner. Spinning heel kick by Rusev. Rusev using the chain on Cena. Rusev whipping Cena with the chain and Rusev's turn to touch the corners and he's one corner away. Rusev inches towards the corner but Cena back in the ring pulling Rusev backwards. Kick and punch by Cena. Rusev with a kick to the ribs. A headbutt to Cena and Rusev with a right hand. Rusev on the apron. Rusev to the top rope pulled off by Cena. Cena ducks a clothesline. Shoulder tackle to Rusev. Rusev with a fallaway slam. Kick to the head by Rusev. Cena with a side slam to Rusev. Five Knuckle Shuffle to Rusev. Cena picks Rusev up for the AA. Rusev counters with an Alabama Slam. Rusev goes to lock The Accolades in but Cena counters into an STF. Rusev slides out of the ring resetting the corners. Back in the ring, Rusev locks The Accolades in. Cena getting to his feet and he rams Rusev into the corner. Rusev holding on and it's Rusev's lights that are on. Rusev hits the third corner. Rusev goes for the fourth corner but Cena hits the AA. Cena and Rusev tied with three corners each and one corner remains. Cena with the AA to Rusev and touches the fourth corner to retain the US Championship.
The winner of the match: John Cena
Backstage: Roman Reigns says one thing he's proved is you can knock him down but can't keep him down. He's been knocked in the jaw, thrown into cars and even chokeslammed on the roof of the same car and still got up and tonight in his match he will get back up
Diva's Championship: Nikki Bella vs Naomi
Naomi and Nikki lock up. Shoulderblock by Nikki and a snapmare. Nikki working over the arm. Armbar on Naomi. Naomi with a forearm to Nikki and a yank of the hair sends Nikki to the mat. Suplex by Naomi. Chinlock on Nikki. Naomi controlling the neck. Nikki getting to her feet and Naomi with a slam. Elbowdrop to Nikki. Nikki on her feet, Naomi holding onto the facelock. Naomi misses with a clothesline. Nikki with a roll up. Naomi with a bulldog driving Nikki's face into the turnbuckle. Nikki goes for the Rearview but Nikki holds onto the ropes. Nikki throws Naomi into the corner. Nikki runs into a pair of boots and it's Naomi in control unloading on Nikki. Nikki to the outside and Brie taken out with a boot by Naomi. Nikki rolled back into the ring. Naomi back in, Nikki with a pair of boots and a series of clotheslines. Dropkick to Naomi. Running clothesline. Alabama Slam to Naomi for a 2 count. Nikki misses with the forearm. Naomi with an inverted DDT. Split leg moonsault but Naomi misses. Nikki bounces Naomi's face off her knee. Nikki picks Naomi up for the Rack Attack. Nikki thrown into the corner. Big elbow and kick to Naomi. Nikki tries to pull Naomi off the ropes and Brie with a kick to the face. Nikki picks Naomi up and delivers the Rack Attack for the three count
The winner of the match: Nikki Bella
Last Man Standing Match: Roman Reigns vs Big Show
Reigns unloads on Show. Irish whip into the corner by Show. Reigns fights out of it. Show again with a whip and shoulderblock. Reigns has Show on the ropes and another shoulderblock. Reigns sends Show over the top rope to the floor. Reigns follows pulling a table out from under the ring. Kick by Show. Show going under the ring for a weapon and he pulls out another table but decides against it. Reigns bounces Show's skull off the ring post and dropkick Show. Reigns setting up the table. Show throws Reigns into the barricade. Show smashes the table in half again saying NO TABLES. Reigns with a kendo stick and he unloads on Show. Show whips Reigns into the post. Show breaks the kendo stick over his knee. Reigns whipped into the corner. Show runs into a pair of boots and right hands by Reigns. Clothesline to Show. Reigns off the top rope and Show swats Reigns away. Reigns to the outside, Show pulls him up onto the apron but Reigns counters and grabs a chair unloading on Show. DDT onto the chair by Reigns. Reigns brings out two tables from under the ring. Back in the ring, Show hits the KO Punch. Reigns beats the 10 count and it's Show with table in hand setting it up. Show signals for the chokeslam but Reigns counters and delivers a Samoan Drop through the table. Reigns sets up a table in the corner, turns around and Show hits a spear. Headbutt to Reigns. Show on the second ropes and a splash to Reigns. Show to the top rope and Reigns cuts him off. Reigns pulls out another two tables and sets them up side by side. Reigns on th etop rope but Show knocks him off. Show on the top rope slammed off by Reigns. Reigns with a series of Superman Punches. Show catches Reigns and chokeslams through the two tables set up on the outside. Show goes to the outside and clears the announce table. Reigns rolls back in and Show follows. Reigns pulling himself up, Show charges and crashes headfist into the table. Show and Reigns both get to their feet and Reigns hits a spear. Show slides to the outside looking for a place to rest. Reigns follows and spears Show through the barricade. Reigns blocks a chokeslam and Reigns hits a spear through the announce table and the crowd starts a "Holy Sh**" chant. Reigns gets to his feet as the referee counts Show out but Show gets to his feet. Reigns tips the announce table under the announce table and the count resumes
as Show finds himself pinned under the announce table unable to answer the 10 count
The winner of the match: Roman Reigns
Backstage: Orton tells Kane he's known him for over a decade and he knows Kane is the Devil's Favourite Demon but Kane traded his mask in for a suit and he gets that but when The Authority is done using him they'll just throw him away
Bo Dallas comes out and cuts a promo about how everyone should follow rules and tells the crowd to follow him in saying "All You Have To Do Is Bo-lieve". Ryback then comes out and Dallas beats Ryback down. Ryback gets back up and delivers a spinebuster. Dallas gets up and gets nailed with the Meat Hook Clothesline. Ryback picks Dallas up and delivers ShellShocked
Backstage: Rusev says Cena didn't beat him and calls him a liar and a coward. Lana walks in and says it's done. At Payback, the final chapter will be written when Rusev faces Cena in an "I Quit" Match
WWE Championship: Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton - Steel Cage Match
Rollins goes for the early escape but Orton stops him. Rollins with a right hand and Orton staggers back into the corner. irish whip and Orton explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Rollins thrown into the cage and Rollins tries to climb up but Orton pulls him down. Uppercut by Orton. Irish whip reversed by Rollins Orton whips Orton to the mat.. Orton with the Garvin Stomp. Orton picks Rollins up and slingshots him into the cage again Rollins looking for the escape. Now Orton in the corner unloading on Rollins. Rollins drives Orton into the corner with a powerbomb. Rollins calling for Kane to open the door but Orton stops him. Rollins drives Kane into the cage. Rollins stomping away on Orton and Orton thrown into the cage again. Rollins scales the cage and Orton up there pulls him down delivering an uppercut. Splash in the corner by Rollins. Orton side steps Rollins as Rollins bounces off the cage. Exchange of punches and kicks. Series of clotheslines by Orton. Rollins trying to escape and Orton scaling with him cutting him off. Orton sent to the mat and Rollins with a knee to the side of the face. Orton and Rollins at the top of the cage trading punches. Orton hooks Rollins bringing him back in. Powerslam by Orton. Rollins counters the DDT and hits a superkick to Orton. Rollins on the outside of the cage hanging on and Orton hooks him up pulling him back in delivering a superplex from the top of the cage. J & J scale the sides of the cage but Orton throws Rollins into the cage knocking them down. Slam by Orton and DDT countered by Rollins pinning Orton between the ropes and the cage. Rollins once more scales the cage. Orton pulls him down crotching Rollins on the top rope. Orton from the top rope connects with the DDT. Orton with the Pedigree but Rollins kicks out. Orton sets up for the Punt Kick but Rollins ducks out of the way. Rollins calls for the door and Kane opens it as Rollins crawls through the ropes. Orton gets to his feet delivering a backbreaker. Orton goes for the door and Kane closes it. Rollins misses with the dropkick and hits Kane sending him into the barricade. Kane and J & J step into the ring and J & J keep Kane from Rollins. Kane with a double chokeslam. Kane stalking Rollins. Kane chokeslams Orton and Rollins tries to escape but Kane stops Rollins and chokeslams him. Kane draoes Rollins over Orton. Orton kicks out and Kane goes to Tombstone him. Orton counters and hits an RKO. Rollins hits an RKO on Orton and crawls out of the cage.
The winner of the match: Seth Rollins

-End Show-

Below is the final card for tonight's WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view from Chicago.

Steel Cage Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins
Guardian of the Gate: Kane
The RKO is banned.

Russian Chain Match for the WWE United States Title
Rusev vs. John Cena

WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Bad News Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan

WWE Divas Title Match
Naomi vs. Nikki Bella

Kiss Me Arse Match
Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

Last Man Standing Match
Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

Chicago Street Fight
Luke Harper vs. Dean Ambrose

Kickoff Pre-show: WWE Tag Team Title Match
The New Day vs. Cesaro and Tyson Kidd

News - Updated Card For WWE Extreme Rules 2015 - 9 Matches Announced.
Below is the updated lineup for WWE Extreme Rules following this week’s episode of Monday Night Raw:

Steel Cage Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
The RKO is banned, Kane is “Guardian of the Gate.”
- Seth Rollins (c) vs. Randy Orton

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match*
- Daniel Bryan (c) vs. Bad News Barrett

Last Man Standing Match
- Roman Reigns vs. Big Show

Russian Chain Match for the WWE United States Championship
- John Cena (c) vs. Rusev

”Kiss Me Arse” Match
- Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler

WWE Divas Championship Match
- Nikki Bella (c) vs. Naomi

Chicago Street Fight
- Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

Kickoff: WWE Tag Team Championship Match
- Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (c) vs. The New Day

* = The Intercontinental Championship match depends on the health of Daniel Bryan. Currently, he’s considered questionable heading into the pay-per-view.

Coming out of last night's WWE SmackDown, here's the announced card for the April 26th Extreme Rules pay-per-view:
Steel Cage Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins
The RKO is banned.
Russian Chain Match for the WWE United States Title
Rusev vs. John Cena
WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Bad News Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan
WWE Divas Title Match
Paige vs. Nikki Bella
Kiss Me Arse Match
Sheamus vs. Dolph Ziggler
Last Man Standing Match
Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

Sheamus stated at Tuesday’s Smackdown taping in London, England that he’ll face Dolph Ziggler in a “Kiss Me Arse” Match at WWE Extreme Rules later this month.

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 will take place Sunday, April 26, 2015 from the Allstate Arena in Rosement, Illinois.

News - “Kiss Me Arse” Match  & Theme Song For Extreme Rules 2015 ?
Fall Out Boy's "Irresistible" Song Is the Theme Song of WWE Extreme Rules 2015 - You Can Get It Here. is reporting that Paige has been "injured" following a sneak attack by Naomi on Monday night's edition of Raw.
The website posted the following:
"Naomi’s attack on Paige following the Divas Battle Royal has left the No. 1 contender to the Divas Title injured. Though the specifics have yet to be confirmed, early reports suggest that Paige suffered internal injuries as a result of the attack, which saw The Diva of Tomorrow beaten outside the ring and thrown into the barricade repeatedly. Continue to check back with for more updates as they become available." has since posted the following update:
"Following a medical consultation, Paige's doctors have advised her not to compete until further notice."
It should be noted that Paige is not actually injured; rather, this is a storyline that has been set up by WWE as a way to write both Paige and The Miz off of television and WWE live events following the company's current tour of the United Kingdom. Paige and Miz are set to begin filming the latest WWE Studios film Santa's Little Helper once the tour concludes.
As of this report, it is unknown whether or not Paige will actually compete at the upcoming Extreme Rules event, where she is currently scheduled to face Nikki Bella for the Divas Championship.

Coming out of tonight's RAW, here's the confirmed card for the April 26th WWE Extreme Rules pay-per-view. It's rumored that Roman Reigns vs. Big Show, perhaps in a Last Man Standing Match, will be announced on SmackDown or next week's RAW.
Steel Cage Match for the WWE World Heavyweight Title
Randy Orton vs. Seth Rollins
The RKO is banned.
Russian Chain Match for the WWE United States Title
Rusev vs. John Cena
WWE Intercontinental Title Match
Bad News Barrett vs. Daniel Bryan
WWE Divas Title Match
Paige vs. Nikki Bella

Regarding the Russian Chain Match for the WWE United States Title between Ruev and John Cena at Extreme Rules, WWE's website wrote the following: "Adding insult to injury, Lana then revealed that she had successfully negotiated the new terms of the previously announced match, which will see Rusev and Cena tethered at the wrist by a length of heavy-duty chain. Living up to Extreme Rules' reputation, both Superstars will be allowed to use the chain at their discretion, whether using it as a whip or to add weight to a punch, as Rusev demonstrated on Raw."

Result » WWE Extreme Rules 2014 - Daniel Bryan vs Kane (WWE World Heavyweight Championship)
WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan wastes no time as he attacks Kane on the way in. They go to the ring and then back out to the floor. Kane destroys Bryan around ringside and throws him back in. Kane tosses chairs in. Kane turns around to a kendo stick shot. Bryan comes off the top but gets knocked out of mid-air. Kane with a big chair shot to the back. Kane slams Bryan through chairs for a 2 count.

More back and forth. Bryan with a missile dropkick that sends Kane out. Bryan dives through the ropes and fans start chanting. Bryan takes the top off the announcers table and nails Kane with it. Bryan takes a monitor off the table and nails him with that. Another shot with a piece of the table, and another. Kane fights back and slams Bryan into the Spanish table. Kane smacks Bryan with a piece of the table now. Kane climbs up on the Spanish table with Bryan. Bryan blocks a chokeslam and sends Kane to the floor. Kane runs into a knee. Bryan runs off the table and nails a tornado DDT on the floor. Bryan with more kicks until Kane tosses him into the steps.

Bryan stops a Tombstone on the steps. Bryan with kendo stick shots. Kane beats Bryan back into the gorilla position area and keeps up the attack. Kane throws a plugged in TV into some water. Kane keeps up the attack and they fight out into the area where production trucks are parked. Bryan beats Kane with a shovel and then mounts him on top of a car with right hands. Kane back drops Bryan on top of the car. Kane tosses a cylinder but Bryan moves and it smashed the windshield. Kane swings while Bryan is against another car but he moves and Kane's fist goes through the window. Bryan takes a crowbar out of the trunk and decks Kane with it. Kane appears to be out and Bryan can't drag him. Bryan drags Kane onto a pallet that's slid onto the forks of a forklift. Kane moves and Bryan beats him with the crowbar some more. Bryan drives the forklift with Kane up on the pallet.

Bryan drives the forklift to the ring and raises the pallet up with Kane, above the top rope. Bryan tilts the forks and Kane rolls off into the ring. Bryan climbs up on the forks and steps out onto the pallet. Bryan leads a big "yes!" chant before leaping off with a diving headbutt on Kane. Bryan covers but Kane kicks out at 2. Bryan gets another chant going. Kane sits up and goes for a chokeslam but it's botched. Kane nails it and covers for a 2 count.

Kane grabs a chair and cuts his own throat. Bryan counters a Tombstone on the chair and DDT's Kane for a 2 count. Bryan with chairshots to the back now, several of them. Bryan with the Yes Lock now. Kane breaks the hold and smacks Bryan with a kendo stick. Bryan uses the kendo stick as leverage in the hold. Kane pulls himself out of the ring and breaks the hold. Bryan dives through the ropes but Kane catches him in mid-air and chokeslams him through the announcers table. Kane sets up a regular table at ringside. He pulls out some gasoline from under the ring and soaks the table. Kane lights the table on fire. Kane goes to the apron but Bryan counters and knocks him through the burning table. Crew members immediately spray Kane with fire extinguishers. This sends Kane stumbling into the ring where Bryan nails the flying knee for the win.

Winner: Daniel Bryan

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Result » WWE Extreme Rules 2014 - Paige vs Tamina Snuka (Divas Championship)
Prior to the bell sounding, the announcers wondered if Paige will be a flash-in-the-pan winning the Divas Title her first night in WWE or if the youngest Divas champion will have a sustained title run. Paige was the aggressor early on, then Tamina cut her off and wanted a top-rope bodyslam, but Paige blocked and executed a sunset flip powerbomb. Paige scored a thr...two count, then followed up with her submission finisher for a tap-out victory.

WINNER: Paige via submission at 6:18 to retain the Divas Title.

Result » WWE Extreme Rules 2014 - John Cena vs Bray Wyatt (Steel Cage Match)
Bray took control early on as the crowd picked up a "Let's Go Wyatt" chant. The announcers played it up as Bray's message spreading. He called Bray a "carpetbagger" selling a non-existent magic potion. Cena then cut off Bray and teased climbing the cage, but Rowan and Harper stood on the floor staring up at Cena, who opted to return to the match. Cena walked into an uppercut, then Bray resumed control. Cole said Cena won this match-up at WrestleMania, but that only fueled Bray.

At 4:00, Bray held Cena against the cage wall, then Harper ran against the cage wall to smash Cena's mid-section. As Cena sold, Bray led the crowd in singing "He's got the whole world." JBL got down to the root of the issue that people want to belong to something and they're buying what Bray is selling. Bray teased walking out of the cage door, but Cena grabbed him from behind and landed offense.

Cena tried to climbing the cage again, but Harper and Rowan prepared to meet him. Bray then dragged Cena back over the top of the cage, but Cena bounced Bray's head off the cage wall. Bray absorbed, then crotched Cena. Back in the ring, Bray danced a two-step with Cena, then dropped him with a uranage for a two count. Bray followed with a knock-down bodyblock for another nearfall.

At 10:30, Cena made a comeback with the sit-out slam, then the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena wanted the AA, but Bray grabbed the steel cage and used Cena to climb onto the cage. But, Cena regrouped and grappled Bray for a big sit-out powerbomb. But, Bray kicked out of a pin. Cena called for the door, but Rowan closed the door. Another out for Cena here. Cena then stood on the ring apron and teased a big feat of strength ripping open the cage door, but merely tried to push it open against Rowan's force. Harper then joined Rowan to keep Cena inside the cage until Bray could smash Cena from behind to cut him off.

The Wyatt Family continued to cut off Cena's exits, then Harper eventually climbed on top of the cage and battled Cena. Cena eventually pulled Harper inside the cage, putting two Wyatts inside the cage. Cena tried climbing out, but Rowan was waiting for him with a steel chair. So, Cena climbed back inside the cage. He walked into sort of a suplex toss from Wyatt, who followed with a running senton for a two count.

At 16:00, Cena slapped on the STF near the cage door. Cena eventually released the hold, then Rowan tried pulling Bray out of the ring as Cena tried pulling him back inside. Cena won the tug of war, smashed Harper into the cage wall, and then Bray recovered to smash Cena into another cage wall. Bray tried to climb out, but Cena grappled him for a super-AA. Cena could not make an immediate cover, though, so Harper broke up a pin attempt.

The match continued with Cena again trying to climb out, but Rowan blocked him. So, Cena yanked Harper by his beard face-first into the cage top. Cena then smashed Harper with a guillotine leg drop. Cena tried to crawl through the cage door to finally win, the announcers said this is over, and suddenly the Wyatt theme played.

The lights went out, then a distorted voice was heard singing "He's got the whole world in his hands." It was a kid standing on the ring steps singing in Cena's face. Bray then grappled Cena for Sister Abigail and dropped him to the mat. Bray stood up and casually hopped out of the cage door and both feet touched the floor. Bray hugged the little boy as he was declared the winner. The Wyatts then walked in-step with the boy up the entrance ramp before posing together as Cena sat up with a stunned look inside the cage.

WINNER: Bray at 21:12.

Result » WWE Extreme Rules 2014 - Evolution vs The Shield (6-Man Tag Team Match)
Before the bell sounded, the two teams squared off and a brawl broke out as the ref tried to maintain order. Shield cleared Evolution from the ring, which Cole declared the first battle victory of the match. Evolution tried to run back into the ring after regrouping, but Shield cut off the heels. It was eventually one-on-one between Rollins and Hunter, so the ref called for the bell. Rollins quickly cleared Hunter to the floor, then smashed him with a dive. But, back in the ring, Hunter ran over Rollins with a hard clothesline.

Evolution, now in control, brought in Batista to boos. Batista worked on Rollins, then tagged in Orton to stomp and kick Rollins. Hunter tagged in next and worked on Rollins. Another tag to Batista to boos as the camera zoomed in on Batista wearing red Air Jordans to match his red trunks. Hunter entered, then Rollins teased a hot tag, but Batista and Orton stormed across the ring to cut off the tag. Orton tried to work on Rollins, but Rollins popped him with a kick to the head.

Hot tag to Ambrose at 6:00. Ambrose teed off on Orton, then cross-body smashed him for a two count. Ambrose smashed Batista off the ring apron, then clotheslined Orton. Figure-four tease for Hunter, then a full figure-four on Orton, but Hunter broke it up. Where's Miz? Reigns then got involved by smashing Batista into the barricade on the outside. But, after the Network feed temporarily froze, Reigns went flying into the ring steps, apparently via Hunter.

Back in the ring, Hunter led a three-on-one attack on Ambrose in the heel corner. "Boo-tista" chants from the crowd, then Batista ran over Ambrose with a clothesline. Hunter re-entered with a spinebuster for Ambrose, then Batista tagged in to increasingly-louder boos. The crowd chanted Batista with a "You can't wrestle" chant as Batista worked on a rear-naked choke, but Ambrose escaped with a chinlock. Batista fired right back with a jawbreaker, then tagged in Hunter.

At 12:00, Hunter set up for a Pedigree, but Ambrose wiggled out and back-dropped Hunter. DDT followed. Ambrose then fired himself up to make the Shield corner for a hot tag to Reigns. Big pop for Reigns, who ran over Batista with a clothesline. Reigns followed with a flying forearm to Batista, then corner clothesline. Reigns clotheslined Orton over the top rope, then clotheslined Hunter on the floor.

Back in the ring, Reigns took a boot to the gut from Batista. Batista wanted a Batistabomb, but Rollins smashed Batista with a flying knee to the head. Superman Punch to Batista. Shield was left alone in the ring with Batista and they set him up for a triple powerbomb. Shield connected center-ring, then Reigns covered Batista, but Hunter and Orton pulled Reigns out of the ring just in time.

Chaos on the outside, then Rollins airballed a flying dive aimed for Hunter. Back in the ring, Hunter dropped Reigns with a Pedigree. Hunter was unable to cover, though. More chaos. Back in the ring, Batista draped an arm over Reigns for a two count. After a reset, Orton entered the ring to drop Reigns with an RKO. Batista then crawled on top of Reigns for a cover, but Rollins broke it up to a crowd pop.

The match moved to the floor, where Orton and Rollins battled. The cameraman got knocked down in the process, but kept shooting from his back. Lawler said this is out-of-control. Suddenly, Ambrose went running off both the Spanish and English announce tables to splash Orton and Hunter near the timekeeper. Chaos now in the floor seating. The fight moved into the crowd, where Hunter rocked Rollins with right hands. Into the 100-seat section they went. Orton and Ambrose joined the party in the crowd. Meanwhile, Batista and Reigns were KO'ed in the ring.

Back to Ambrose and Orton brawling through the floor riser seats. Suddenly, there was something off-camera. Apparently Hunter took a bump onto the riser seats platform. Ambrose went down the riser seat stairs, then Orton and Hunter walked down the stairs to follow up. They ended up in the concourse area on the floor. No bell or anything here. Just chaos. Orton and Hunter continued to double-team Ambrose, then Rollins came flying out of the stands with a double splash to Hunter and Orton. All four men down somewhere in the arena.

Back in the ring, Batista dropped Reigns with a spinebuster to boos. Batista, wobbly and woozy, called for a Batistabomb, but Reigns shoved off and delivered a Superman Punch. Batista sold in the corner as Reigns gathered himself, shook, and charged Batista for a big spear center-ring. Reigns covered Batista for the pin and the win. "The times - they are a-changing!" Cole declared. WWE went to a replay of the big moments in the match, closing with a replay of Reigns spearing Batista for the win.

WINNERS: Shield at 19:52.

Result » WWE Extreme Rules 2014 - Big E vs Bad News Barrett (Intercontinental Title Match)
As the match started, the announcers brought up events from Smackdown when Big E. opened up a can on Titus O'Neil. The crowd picked up a "Bad News Barrett" chant early on as the match moved to the floor. Big E. was slow re-entering the ring, allowing Barrett to kick him back out of the ring. Barrett followed with an elbow drop from the ring apron.

Back in the ring, Barrett continued attacking Langston. Barrett took too long following up, allowing Big E. to snap off a belly-to-belly suplex. The crowd somewhat booed as Big E. made his comeback. Big E. smashed Barrett to the outside, then did a loud scream, which drew louder boos. Big E. then speared Barrett through the ring apron to the floor, sending both men crashing to the floor following the impressive feat.

Back in the ring, Big E. covered Wade for a two count. Suddenly, Barrett snapped off Winds of Change for a two count. Barrett followed up with Wasteland, but the champ kicked out again. Barrett wound up the Bullhammer Elbow to follow, but Big E. avoided and bodyslammed Barrett for a nearfall. Big E. followed with a Warrior Splash, then dropped the straps to boos. Big E. wanted the Big Ending, but Barrett slipped out to cheers. Barrett missed with the Bullhammer, bounced the ropes, and nailed a flying elbow smash. It was good for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Barrett at 7:55 to capture the IC Title.


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