The New Day, Credits:WWE
The New Day is a faction that is currently fighting to gain a foothold with fans in WWE. The trio of Kofi Kingston, Big E and Xavier Woods has not been together that long and they are currently doing everything in their power to get over with the crowd.
But despite how much the three men may want the gimmick to work, the truth is that so far, it's been somewhat of a tough sell. The reason for that is the inability for them to fully connect with the crowd and the crowd's unwillingness to accept them just yet. Indeed, the more time that passes, the more The New Day is becoming the anti-Shield of WWE.
From the moment that Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose joined forces in Vince McMahon's company, it was obvious that big things were on the way. The Shield came onto WWE's main roster like a force of nature, a well-oiled machine fully capable of destruction.
Everyone that stood in their way was dealt with.The Shield was more than dominant; it was untouchable.
Not since The nWo in its prime had fans seen a group display that kind of power. Not since The Four Horsemen had fans seen that much confidence in a faction. And not since The Nexus had a unit possessed that much ambition to conquer everyone that crossed them.
The Shield embodied all the best traits of the most successful groups in pro wrestling history and it took them to new heights.
But will the same eventually be said of The New Day?
A big issue with this new group is the fact that the members do not seem to have anything in common. Woods, Big E and Kingston were all just floating along in WWE without any direction and suddenly they found themselves together in a new faction.  
That seems to be the only connection between them and thus far, it's not one that has really gained the fans' interest.
The New Day also does not appear to have any clear agenda. There seems to be no championship aspirations, or desire to move up the food chain in WWE. And there does not seem to be an endgame with them at all.
And though it's still very early, there does not seem to be any move to strengthen The New Day as individuals. They're in the same spots they were in before they started working together and any fan support each man had before the group began is likely still the same.
Fans must care about this group and the only way for that to happen is if WWE fully supports it. Putting them on TV in losing efforts or in spots that have no meaning will not help them in the long run. If there is no commitment on WWE's part, then fans will have no reason to emotionally invest in The New Day.
The Shield was the focus and the future, practically from the moment it formed, on WWE programming.
- a post by Vansh Wason