Bellator 149: Shamrock vs. Gracie is officially underway. The preliminary portion of the event has concluded and the quick-match results are available below.
Stick with us throughout the main card, which is in progress now, as we will be providing the most detailed and fastest-published round-by-round updates from the moment the first televised fight begins until the Ken Shamrock vs. Royce Gracie main event concludes.
Preliminary Fights
– Justin Wren def. Juan Torres via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)
– Jeremy Mahon def. Davis Sylvester via TKO (R3, 4:22)
– C.J. Hancock def. Ruben Esparsa via submission (rear-naked choke) (R3, 1:26)
– Adrian Yanez vs. Ryan Hollis via unanimous decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)
– Isaac Villanueva def. Richard Knepp via knockout (R1, 0:42)
– Mike Trinh def. Angel Zamora via submission (armbar) (R1, 3:49)
– Jason Langellier def. Anthony Ivy via submission (anaconda choke) (R1, 2:09)
– Manny Lozoya def. Jacob Norsworthy via submission (guillotine) (R1, 2:33)
NOTE: Now that the online preliminary fights have wrapped up it’s time to switch gears. For the remainder of the evening we will be providing lightning fast, detailed updates of every fight on tonight’s main card. Stick wiith throughout the duration of the event tonight for the absolute best round-by-round live results coverage on the web!
Main Card Fights
Emmanuel Sanchez (149.2) vs. Daniel Pineda (148.2)
Round 1: Sanchez and Pineda come out feeling each other out on the feet until Pineda successfully scores a single leg takedown in the first minute of the round. Pineda is moving in and out of half-guard, trying to control and establish offense, however Sanchez is doing a good job of keeping his hips busy to keep Pineda busy focusing on controlling position as opposed to inflicting damage. After a minute on the mat, Sanchez works his way to his feet. They go right back down but pop right back up and we’re back to a striking contest with just under three minutes remaining in the round. Pineda takes Sanchez back down and scores more points in the process. No damage was done during the brief standup portion just now. Pineda has full mount and has Sanchez’s legs grapevined, but Sanchez scrambles and Pineda goes for an armbar before losing top control altogether. He kicks at a grounded Sanchez’s legs until diving back in and immediately going for a calf-crusher. He doesn’t get it and the round ends. Easy round to score. scores the round 10-9 for Daniel Pineda
Round 2: Pineda lands a good shot on the feet to start off the second round of this three-round opening bout of the evening. Pineda slips a few moments later and ends up on the mat. Sanchez dove right in and is now controlling a grounded Pineda from top position. Inside Pineda’s half-guard, Sanchez looks to improve his position while mounting a slight bit of offense from the top. Pineda doing a good job from the bottom of avoiding damage and keeping Sanchez in his half guard. The two scramble back to their feet just seconds before the half-way point of the round. Before much happens, Pineda takes Sanchez down and now he’s working from top position. Pineda is inside Sanchez’s full guard just hanging out on top for now. Not a lot of action since the fight hit the ground again. Pineda is still on top but isn’t doing much. The referee stands the fighters up and restarts the fight on the feet. Sanchez immediately changes levels and takes Pineda down. Sanchez working from top posiition as Pineda gives him his back but quickly rolls again, settling in with Sanchez on top inside his half guard. The two work their way back to the feet and Pineda is the forward-moving aggressor early on. He throws a few strikes at Sanchez just to get him thinking and then quickly changes levels and successfully takes Sanchez down again. Tougher round to score, could be impactful depending on how debated this upcoming third and final round ends up. Could easily score this round 10-9 for Pineda, but Sanchez did land a nice head kick during a standup exchange that was just shown and hyped on the in-between round replay highlights of the round. He also spent a considerable amount of time in top position on the ground, so we’ll give him the round, tying the match 1-1 going into the final frame. scores the round 10-9 for Emmanuel Sanchez
Round 3: The third and final round is now in progress and could be the deciding round if it goes to the scorecards. Sanchez quickly gets the fight to the ground and is working from top position with a bigger sense of desparation in this round compared to his top work on the ground in round two. He’s definitely trying to rack up points in case this one goes to the cards, which appears likely the way this one has been going. We’re at the half way point in the round and Pineda gets some space, so he stands up but makes the mistake of turning his back once on his feet, allowing Sanchez to back him straight up and land some strikes on the feet. Sanchez now has Pineda’s back against the cage and is working from an over-under clinch. Pineda, from standing position, drops to the ground and rolls, looking to tie up a leg of Sanchez and work on any number of leg submissions if/when the leg was secure, however Sanchez defends well and avoids any danger in the process. Now Sanchez has established top position and works towards full mount, but before he can do anything, Pineda bucks his hips and escapes out the back door. He stands back up and the two exchange briefly before Pineda misses a home run head kick attempt, allowing Sanchez to dive on top of him after he slipped throwing the kick and end the round — and the fight — working from top position on the ground. The buzzer sounds to end the round and the fight. We’re going to the scorecards and it could be an interesting decision in our opening TV bout this evening, depending on how the judges viewed the action. We’ll give Sanchez the third and the fight. It was clear that Pineda has more tools and is more of a risk-taker, but ultimately if Sanchez got the second, he clearly got the third and could very well win a decision against an opponent that seemed to be a more skilled fighter tonight. scores the round 10-9 for Emmanuel Sanchez
Emmanuel Sanchez def. Daniel Pineda via Split Decision (29-28 P, 29-27 S, 29-28 S)

Welcome to page two of our Bellator 149 live, round-by-round results coverage of the televised main card fights. Up next is the co-featured bout of the evening, which is a rematch between former Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Emanuel Newton and durable challenger Linton Vassell.
Emanuel Newton (205) vs. Linton Vassell (205.4)
Round 1: Our second fight of the evening is underway, as former Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion Emanuel Newton looks to match or beat his October 2014 victory over durable challenger Linton Vassell, which he won via 5th round submission at Bellator 130. Early on both guys swing with bad intentions on the feet, but nothing of note finds the mark for either guy. About a minute into the round, the action hits the mat. Vassell is working from top position and appears to have an arm triangle in mind, but Newton is against the fence so Vassell can’t hop over to finish the potential submission. This lasts for over a minute, meaning Newton is no-doubt falling behind on the cards here in the first round. Vassell gets to Newton’s back and immediately looks for the rear-naked choke, but Newton defends well enough that Vassell backs off and looks to better secure his back control while trying to strike when an opening presents itself. This doesn’t last long as the always-busy Newton manages to get back to the feet. He even scores his own takedown just as the first round ends, but it’s likely too-little, too-late in terms of securing the first round on the cards. Should be an easy 10-9 for Vassell in this three-round rematch of their initial five-round fight. scores the round 10-9 for Linton Vassell
Round 2: With only three rounds instead of five, like their first round, that was a big round one for Vassell, who now has two rounds — but only needs one of them — to win a decision here tonight in Houston. The second rouond gets underway with both guys looking for takedowns. Neither gets their opposition down to the mat, so they start committing a bit more to their standup striking exchanges. Newton starts working on some low kicks, with one of his inside leg kick attempts catching Vassell in the pills. The referee stops the action after the low blow, allowing Vassell to recover while warning Newton to watch his kicks. The action resumes a few moments later and Vassell comes in swinging somewhat wildly. Newton misses with a wild, overhand right haymaker attempt in a fight that is slowly starting to slip away from the former Bellator Light Heavyweight Champion. Just as I say that, Newton gets Vassell down to the mat and is working for an arm choke from top position. Vassell escapes and tries getting back up, but Newton muscles him back to the mat. Vassell pops up again and the two are clinch-fighting across the cage. Newton gets Vassell’s back against the fence while still in the clinch. He tries switching levels and going low for a leg, hoping to dump Vassell to the mat, but he doesn’t get the job done and actually hits Vassell low as the two were separating. This one has Vassell on the mat in pain and evoked an “ooohhh!!” from the fans during the slow-mo replay. The referee actually takes a point from Newton, who as the announcers point out, is already down on the cards in this three-round fight. This theoretically puts Newton down 20-18 without the second round even being over yet, so he’s potentially down by 3 points if this fight goes into a third and final round. Vassell is down to one minute left to recover, as he has taken four minutes and still hasn’t said he’s ready to continue. The referee notifies the judges of the official Newton point deduction. The action resumes with exactly one minute left in a round that Vassell was already winning up until the low blow and point deduction. The two trade some leg kicks, with each guy thinking body-kick at the same time. Newton’s partially landed while Vassell’s veered off and missed the mark completely. Newton with a wild right that partially lands twice in a row as the second round ends. Newton needs a finish in the third if he wants any chance of getting his hand raised tonight. 10-8 for Vassell in the second, not due to a near finish, but for the point deduction for the low blow and the fact that he also won the round itself. scores the round 10-8 for Linton Vassell.
Round 3: The third and final round of this Light Heavyweight rematch between Emanuel Newton and Linton Vassell is now underway. Newton scores a takedown with just under four minutes remaining. The fight quickly returns to the feet where Newton bullies Vassell up against the cage back-first. He looks for the takedown from there but ends up on his back with Vassell on top. The third round and fight ends in this position after a minute of Vassell working like a madman from top position. Should be another 10-9 for Linton, giving him the 30-26 victory on our unofficial scorecard. The announcers are talking like a draw is possible, which I’m not sure how that would even be possible. Their unofficial card has Vassell winning 29-27, with them giving him the first and third and giving Newton the second, making their second round score 9-9 due to the low blow point deduction to Newton. Judges decision coming up after the commercial break! scores the round 10-9 for Linton Vassell
Linton Vassell def. Emanuel Newton via Unanimous Decision (30-26, 29-27, 29-27)
Melvin Guillard (158) vs. Derek Campos (155)
Round 1: After a lengthy break between fights, which including two big fight announcements and a Mike Tyson interview, the opening round is now officially underway. The action gets going right away, with Melvin Guillard (who has his hair dyed blonde in honor of the late, great Kevin Randleman) charging directly at late-replacement opponent Derek Campos with huge bombs on the feet, however it’s Campos who drops “The Young Assassin” to his knees with a big punch. Campos gets top position on Guillard on the ground and for the next couple of minutes, Guillard defends and avoids most of Campos’ attempts to inflict damage from the top before the action returns standing. Guillard lands what appeared to be a big knee that landed pretty flush before Campos eats it and charges forward with wild power strikes. He doesn’t really score much with those and now the two are back to showing respect and setting up their shots here on the feet as the final seconds tick away. Guillard misses a wild roundhouse head kick attempt to close out the first round. By the way, Mike Tyson stuck with the announcers and is providing excited fan-boy style additional color-commentary during this fight. scores the round 10-9 for Derek Campos.
Round 2: The second round is now underway. Within the first 30 seconds of the round, Canpos landed a body shot that clearly hurt Guillard. From tthere, with Guillard badly hurting with his back against the cage, Campos follows-up like a madman. He gave Guillard no chance to recover and landed some very big, very clean shots that dropped him and finished him off for the stoppage victory here in the second round. Campos, who as noted took this fight on short notice, had his gamble pay off in a big way as he becomes the second person ever to knockout Melvin Guillard. For those curious, the other guy to KO Guillard was Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone. Official time and winner announcement coming up after the commercial break. Stay tuned!
Derek Campos def. Melvin Guillard via TKO (R2, 0:32).

Welcome to page three of our Bellator 149 live, round-by-round results coverage of the televised main card fights. Up next is the co-featured bout of the evening, featuring Kimbo Slice vs. Dada 5000.
– Kimbo Slice (232) vs. Dada 5000 (265)

Round 1: Both guys are in the cage the referee is giving them their final pre-fight instructions. The first round is now officially underway. “Big” John McCarthy will be the referee for this one. As expected, both guys throw wild power punches while standing, however it is Kimbo Slice who backs up and changes levels, scooping up Dada 5000 and dumping him to the mat before settling in the full mount position. A rare full-mount warning comes from “Big” John, who wants to see more action. Soon after, Dada works back to his feet and grabs Kimbo in a sloppy over-under clinch. Kimbo is working with his back off the cage and Dada leaning on him in a clinch. The action stalls until “Big” John separates them and restarts the action. Both guys swing wildly again wiith Dada moving forward before Dada clinches with Kimbo and pushes him back into the cage again. One minute remains in this opening round. They end up clinched against the cage doing nothing again until “Big” John restarts them again. With ten seconds remaining, Kimbo lands a nice right hand and Dada clinches with him as the bell sounds to end the round. Kimbo scored an early takedown and a solid punch at the end of the round. Dada 5000 was the forward-moving aggressor and busier offensive fighter. Round could go either way. We’ll go with Kimbo for the aforementioned reasons, and because Dada didn’t have him close to finished at any point. scores the round 10-9 for Kimbo Slice
Round 2: “Big” John warns Dada not to take so long getting off his stool again or he’ll take a point. With that said, the second round of our co-main event of the evening gets underway with both street brawlers seeming pretty fatigued already. Kimbo takes Dada down after a brief, sloppy striking exchange with neither guy landing anything of significance. Kimbo stands up and lands a big shot while standing before backing up and forcing Dada to stand back up. He does and the two quickly clinch and bore everyone watching until they are separated again. Kimbo gets Dada down and yet again due to a lull in action, “Big” John pauses the action on the ground before restartting them on their feet. An exhausted Dada catches an exhausted Kimbo with a good shot before clinching with him and doing nothing until — you guessed it — “Big” John McCarthy stops and restarts the action. Kimbo is so tired that he went down to a knee on his own. He had just enough energy to pull Dada down, getting him down to the mat on his back before Dada voluntarily rolled over, allowing Kimbo to finish and get top position. After another restart, Dada connects and rocks Kimbo with a punch standing. Kimbo is in survival mode now as a tired Dada lands some follow-up shots. He doesn’t finish him, however, as the bell saves Kimbo and ends the second frame. Third and final round is up next and while on our cards it’s even going in, there could be any combination of scores after these two rounds. scores the round 10-9 for Dada 5000
Round 3: The third and final round gets underway after both fighters had to be helped off of their stools. They physically appear to be completely exhausted headed into this final round. Within the first few seconds, Dada responds to a Kimbo punch by briefly rocking the original street fighting legend, much like he did in the final moments of the second rouond. It isn’t long after, however, that Kimbo rocks and hurts Dada, and unlike Dada, he manages to follow-up effectively. He drops and stops Dada 5000 in the third round. Official decision coming up after the break. Stay tuned!
Kimbo Slice def. Dada 5000 via TKO (R3, 1:32)
– Royce Gracie (190.8) vs. Ken Shamrock (201.2)

Round 1: The pre-fight video package for Shamrock-Gracie 3 just finished airing. After a quick break, we return and Ken Shamrock is first to make his walk to the cage. The announcers try and sell the historic significance of this fight. Out next is the legendary Royce Gracie. The final prre-fight introductions have concluded. UFC Hall Of Famers and arguably the two biggest MMA pioneers both make their way to the center of the cage. They touch gloves and head back. Round one is now officially underway. Shamrock and Gracie come out patient and spend some time slowly feeling each other out. Gracie flips a kick at Shamrock to judge the distance between them. Shamrock is moving forward while Gracie is backing and circling, however nothing of note has happened as we pass the first 90 seconds of the fight. The fans are already loudly boo’ing the non-action they are seeing until out of nowhere Gracie is pounding away on a grounded Shamrock. The referee stops it and there’s already controversy that the shot that put Shamrock down was a low blow. The announcers are confused waiting on replays. The replay shows Royce Gracie land a big knee to Shamrock’s face whiile Shamrock clearly and immediately sells a low blow that seemingly didn’t happen. Certainly wasn’t captured by the many camera angles Bellator just showed. Now we see a new angle that hadn’t been shown yet that shows Shamrock did get hit low. Shamrock is in rage-mode as he complains, shouting “He did it on purpose!” over and over again. After the fight, Royce just talks about how he and Shamrock are fighters and were the originals. When Shamrock is interviewed, he apologized for losing his cool and said it wasn’t Royce’s fault, since it’s the referee’s job to stop the action.
Royce Gracie def. Ken Shamrock via TKO (R1, 2:22)

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