ECW Original Axl Rotten is in need of help. The 44-year-old is suffering from severe back problems and has been hospitalized in Salisbury, Maryland since October of 2014. His doctors have told him that he requires two spinal surgeries and that he could end up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life if the surgeries are not successful.
A account has been set up and the page notes that Rotten has "exhausted all his medical coverage and being unable to work cannot pay his bills." It also notes that he is living a clean lifestyle and is not abusing drugs: "He is proud to be clean of all non-medically prescribed drugs. He is both emotionally and mentally in the best place he has been in years, Unfortunately he is though physically at his lowest ebb."
As of this writing, the GoFundMe account has raised $1,315 of the $12,000 being asked.
For anybody who would like to contribute donations to help Axl Rotten, here is the link again: